Kris Jenner Furious At Bruce Jenner’s Gender Change Appearance In Magazine


The crazy things white folks do sometimes begin to make me wonder, “Una dey mad”

I bet you all know Kris Jenner’s ex husband, Bruce Jenner; he made the cover of InTouch Magazine as a woman, and that has got everyone talking.

According to TMZ, Kris have been telling close friends how pissed she is at “InTouch” magazine for Photoshopping Bruce Jenner with all female fixins.

Bruce never said he will be changing from male to female, but the magazine cover reads that way. Kris told her friends that “It’s just mean to do whether or not it’s true.”

People have been wondering why Kris is angry over her ex hubby issue since they are not together anymore, but Kris said she has contempt for magazine who jump to conclusions and alters people’s image to fit its story.

Sources close to Bruce said “He doesn’t even pay attention to this stuff”

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