Biafra Opens Embassy In Spain | PHOTOS

An Embassy of Biafra, set up by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has been opened on Saturday, Feb. 28, in Victoria, Spain.

According to a Radio Biafra broadcast from London monitored in Lagos by News Express, “it is another milestone in their drive towards Biafra’s restoration”. (Scroll down for photos)

The embassy was opened by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Director of Radio Biafra, London.

Reportedly, one more Biafra embassy would be opened in China soon.

Mr. Kanu said: “We your children are gathered here in Vitoria Basque country O’Lord of Hosts, to do that which you have divinely mandated us to do. Today here in Northern Spain we open yet another chapter in this relentless effort to restore your kingdom upon the face of this earth. For the journey mercies you have granted us from all over the world here gathered we remain eternally grateful. From all over the world we have come to establish a firm base in this land from where your will must be done. This year belongs to us Biafrans because in the end all glory and honour will be yours and yours alone. Iseee!”

Moreover, Mazi Kanu took to his Facebook to express gratitude to God for the success of the event:

“To the most gracious almighty Chukwu Abhiama do we owe all that we are for this journey mercy granted to all hard core Biafrans that attended IPOB mission opening ceremony in Vitoria Basque Country in Spain. Magnificent and merciful creator of the universe, even if we worshipped you from now till eternity we still would not be able to repay you for the grace you have shown we Indigenous People of Biafra for guiding us back to our respective destinations.

“For those we left behind please guide them to their families in safety that in the end as always all honour and glory will be yours and yours alone because only you is worthy of praise. Your children have asked me to come to Amsterdam Netherlands from where your redeeming gospel of restoration will be preached tonight to the hearing of humanity. Abide with us Heavenly Father as you have always done for we are nothing without you. This family here shall find peace as they all desire that indeed your kingdom Biafra may come on this earth as it is heaven…..Iseee!”

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  • oti says:

    Hahahahahaha! Funny make me laf abeg.hahahahahahaha

  • YES YES YES . says:

    @oti you can only open a dirty teeth surely you are not laughing

  • Boss says:

    Oti ah fink u a Fool

  • lien says:

    God bless Biafrans! D chosen people, d black isrealites. @oti, fooool.

  • kay says:

    If it’s God’s will,success is yours.

  • islander says:

    The so called igbo are biggest fool of higher grade. Igbo kweni continue fool u nah self. A sensless people

  • Success says:

    Pikin wey say him mama no go sleep,him too no go is time to take back what hv been stolen 4rm us by the grace of God.up biafra

  • Mr. Respect says:

    Congrats to you all over there. You are the only ethnic group in Nigeria that has the BIG HEART to do anything without looking back.

    I wish you success as you prepare to depart and separate yourselves from this FAKE MARRIAGE called Nigeria so that Goodluck and Buhari can continue their fight with Asari, Tompolo, Clark, Fani-Kayode, Tinubu etc to face the rest. As for Amaechi of Rivers – HE IS A MAN OF HIS WORD!

    DON’T BE DISCOURAGED BY the insults from any Yoruba person, they fear more than a DAY OLD BABY and cannot stand any of the Ethnic group in Nigeria. Yorubas – Nigeria’s problem right from Independence!!!!!!

  • alab says:

    It is not Embassy. An Association. We don’t fear you.

  • Silk says:

    I thought they have nerve… Oya call am embassy for there na and see where it lands ur sorry ungrateful asses… What u have there is an Association’s Office not an Embassy, cos even spain doesn’t know Biafra. Fin….

  • lien says:

    @Mr Respect, God will bless u and ur generation. U hit d nail on d head.

  • lien says:

    @islander and Oti u are the biggest fools ever created. U are eaten up by envy and jealousy of d great ibo nation. Cowards and haters. We are blessed, brave and ready to take on anybody any time, any day. Go and boil ur heads.

  • oriyomi says:

    ‘Biafra!!’ Can never materialize ,it’s just a dream.

  • Omo says:

    I see no reason why Biafra shouldn’t be allowed to carry on. It may end up paying off and to be honest Nigeria to me has nothing to lose. If the Ibo nation wants to be, please let them be!!!!!
    But my own take is this…I hope they have done their homework thoroughly so that they won’t end up surrendering again to the onye ofe nmanus and the hausa they hate so much.
    My take is this…..I see division already. Some Ibos want to claim Lagos as their own, most importantly, a lot of good hearted and business oriented ibos have established businesses, estates and the likes in the west (not only in Lagos). I hope they understand that having there own country would mean immediate deportation from Nigeria. The rest of Nigeria may not have problems with this because the truth is Westerners and Northerners on the average arent that many in the east for obvious reasons.
    I really wish them well and I personally support they should be allowed to be on their own. Mind you south south (the oil zone) isnt interested in Biafra. So my take…I just hope they have done their assignment well.

    • Dernells says:

      Omo I love your comments but sometimes you behave as one of you. Dont count for them who and who is with them. One of the mistakes you Nigerians are doing is to play politics with serious matters.When the Igbos left PH most of their properties were claimed by the people of that area, it was Umu Okoro (children of Okoro) but after their unlawful possessions,that was changed to Romo okoro which has no meaning. It will no longer be like that because most of Igbos businesses are registered which gives no room for unlawful possession any more.You cannot deport any man rather they have the right to live and do business in what ever country they wish to stay. Their business and the tax they pay will automatically give them residential and work permit visa in “Nigeria” Do not count who will loose or who will gain just cast your mind back to ’93 “Oso Abiola” and picture what Lagos was like. I think that will tell you much that is, if you have known something by then. If an individual controls 40% in a company, he is the highest share holder whether the business bears his surname or not so, Igbos are share holders in Lagos (Eko oni baje). Ask your forefathers how DIM reclaimed his lands at Eko.

  • its okidoki says:

    I think what is needed may not yet be succession but to get the international criminal court to effect justice by arresting the criminal actors of the biafra- nigerian war who bombed civilian markets with jet planes,starved 3 million kids fatally,and committed genocide especially the strange criminal gang up of nigeria, britain, russia,usa, United nations,ant top vatican hierarchy then to commit these acts because biafra was becoming a military industrial power manufacturing tanks,long range rockets and delivery sysems of seven mile range while d one nigeria bought from russia travelled three miles plus,,they also built refineries, aircraft modifications, radio transmitters and much morr..The important thing is to arrest the war criminals and constitute a peace and reconciliation commission to put these years behind us and forge ahead as a nation ,one nation but the high profile nature of the powerful criminals make any real conviction impossibke .But Divine justice will prevail and prevails always

  • God bless Biafrans in diaspora in the struggle to actualize this dream. All Ibos in this wicked country should join hands together to support and ensure the realization of this dream before 30th of December 2015.

  • Ab-Davidson Nwohonja says:

    Silk, blanket, oganza, or whatever you call yourself, how does it concern you what we call it? We are the ones that know what purpose it serves us. Some call it embassy and some high commission. How does that concern you.

  • Freedom says:

    But ye shall knw the truth,and the truth shall set you free. Any body that refuse to believe the truth about biafra (the beloved nation of God)will finaly endup being in captivity in the hand of Nigeria the Devil as their master has climbed a to implement their conspirency through boko haram.

  • chijioke says:

    myopic [email protected] omo , is dat d extent u r brainwashed. no wonder, tel u today u shuld go bak n do ur hom work bc i no a stereotypic fool like u must hv evolved from one of those states of innate carwordice , yoruba. so assingnmnt: find out the contribution of the entire yorubas to national economy. submit tomao blood fat fool. up BIAFRA

  • nnaemeka says:

    God bless the people of Biafra,the land of the rising sun where God lives among men. Yes,we are the chosen race,anything we touch turn into Diamond and Gold,the God of Host is with us the God of Jacob is our stronghold and we are untouchable.

    Chukwu Abiama, please grant us our freedom, save us from this wicked and heartless zoo called Nigeria where there are evil men pregnant with malice. We want to go back to our father land Biafra. God forbid that we sing the song of Alpha in the land of the heathen. Up the Great people of Biafra. Biafra must come, FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM,ISEE!ISEE!! ISEE!!!

  • ezekiel says:

    god of creator. create biafra for us we ned biafra. in jesus name amen?

  • ezekiel says:

    hausa & yoruba u people shuld leave biafrans to go, i think u people hv a name call ariwar.

  • anaje o says:

    may..the almighty reward and stregthen you,how,iwish this will happen now am alive


    YAWEHYOSHUA ekelem gi ebe imere ka biafra ruo-anyi na aka. OGAM NNAMDI KALU jisie ike, n’ihi na yoshua azala gi ekpere. Anam asi ka ogba gi ume site na- okpara nke ohuru n-anya ISEEEEEEHEHEHEH.

  • Joseph says:

    up, Biafra. I,m the happiest niggar, onye ona ewe iwe. Nwanne go moodu. Freedom for Biafrans, for ever… Amen.

  • frankco says:

    yes,indeed Biafra will stand and grow to a great height.

  • chinonso says:

    if the fulanis hauses yorubas will come against us the raising sun of the world then let us stand for our right we are baifrans we are the sun we go forword no coming back let us take our land BUHARI is a he goat let us speak the truth and take our land from them long live baifra long live our raising sun

  • frankco says:

    I love that

  • @remmydon says:

    biafrans are moving forward, I will die in Biafra land

  • DIMOFOR Nkemjika Sunday says:

    I love BIAFRA my biological EBE OBIBI De Jesus Nara Elle, tualee

  • DIMOFOR Nkemjika Sunday says:

    Whoever says that God’s own Country shall not come to pass Daddy G. O adeboye let the God that you serve destroy them like Sodom Gomorrah CAPITAL AMEN.

  • LEO says:

    I’m LEO C. OKPARA,

    Dear beloved from United States of Biafra. Worry not, it is natural, when the Israelites wanted to leave Egypt, they never agreed, it took long time but one day it came to pass and they finally left them.

    Rejoice, we have tarried in Egypt(Nigeria), it is the appointed time to go, AMEN!!!!!!!!



  • LEO says:

    please tell Nnamdi, our father that I said that he will succeed but will not die like Moses, of the old testament, but that he shall be alive until Biafra will celebrate Her 50th year anniversary. The first year will start from 2018 -2068. Then from then he will know that he has fulfilled his destiny.

    All Hail Biafra!!!

  • Ebiyebi says:

    We re victorious in jesus name amen

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