Female Shoplifter Hides In Store Ceiling After She Was Caught Stealing $8 Worth Of Goods


Police in Maryland, worked for about 7 hours until they were able to arrest a woman who stole $8.50 worth of goods from a store. Worldwideweirdnews has more:

Police in Baltimore, were called to a Giant supermarket after loss prevention security officers stopped the woman for stealing a bag of chips and some hair accessories totaling $8.50. The woman was taken back to the office of loss prevention, but she fled when the officer found some needles in her purse.

“The woman ran to the back of the store, up onto a catwalk and then disappeared into the ceiling,” Cpl. John Wachter said. Baltimore County Police evacuated the supermarket and used a SWAT team and a scissor lift to get to the woman who was hiding above the highest walls of the Giant store in Arbutus.

Some ceiling tiles fell to the ground as the woman attempted to get away, but the store did not suffer other damage.
When police finally got to the suspect, she told police that she was in pain and was taken to a nearby hospital. She faces a number of charges including theft.

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