Man Rendered Impotent After Suffering 6-day Erection In Prison Wins $750,000


A man filed a lawsuit in New York, after he had an erection in prison for 6 days. He was awarded $750,000. 50-year-old Rodney Cotton was an inmate at the Manhattan Detention Complex, where he was mistreated by officials. Cotton filed his lawsuit after suffering an erection for 6 days and being denied treatment while in custody.

Cotton said that he suffered permanent virility due to failure of treatment. The erection was a side effect of Risperdal, an antidepressant that he was taking.

Cotton, who was serving a 2 and a half year stint in prison for violating parole, was awarded $750,000.
The court heard that after the erection persisted for hours, Cotton asked to be taken to the prison clinic, but the guard allegedly told him he would have to wait.

Cotton pretended to have chest pains in order to be seen by doctors. Two doctors gave the man ice packs and Tylenol instead of sending him to a hospital.


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