Charity Organization Slammed For Using Kanye’s Pictures To Depict Wrong Behaviours


Reports say that a charitable organization has been blasted for using rapper,Kanye West’s photos to depict the looks of unacceptable behaviour.

The organization, Goodwill, has reportedly apologized for using Kanye’s various facial expressions to illustrate to their staff exactly what they were to refrain from when handling clients.

TMZ reports that the organization had initially used the photos, distributing it in a newsletter to their staff, explaining that “the Kanye Resting Bitch Face”, as the looks were referred to, wouldn’t be tolerated.

A representative had reportedly revealed to TMZ:

“They meant no disrespect when they used Kanye’s mug as a way of schooling supervisors on how to react to different scenarios in the workplace. Goodwill says it felt it was being “relatable” by using the rapper’s face, but in hindsight they realized it was wrong. The newsletters has now been pulled from all its stores and donation centers.”

The representative whose identity has been withheld, went on to say:

“We’d like to apologize to Kanye West, his fans and the community for the use of his image to illustrate an internal training message. It was unacceptable and Goodwill takes full responsibility for this action and meant no disrespect to Kanye.”

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