10 Fascinating Superstitious Beliefs Common With Yoruba People


Before the advent of Christianity, the Nigerian people had various types of practises and beliefs that many people today would consider weird. The Edo people for instance have certain days in a season, when Bride price is not paid. However the focus here is the Yoruba people and INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece brings you 10 superstitious beliefs common with the Yoruba people….

1. When a woman is pregnant, she is not allowed to walk under the sun, else the evil spirit roaming in the day would enter into the baby in the womb. Walking at night is entirely forbidden for pregnant women.

2. Every house in Yoruba land had its taboos. In some houses, when a woman gives birth, it is forbidden to eat food with salt and oil. No one must cook or eat food with salt and oil.

3. They believe the gods can foresee the destiny of a child through a soothsayer. The soothsayer could tell you what career would suit a child when he’s grown.

4. There are some rivers you can’t fish in, because it is believed that the river goddess resides there. The river goddess is believed to be the goddess of fertility. Therefore only women in need of children are allowed to drink from its water but its fishes can not be eaten.

5. It is believed that when going out, if you dash your right foot against a stone, it is advised that you should go back home to avoid ill luck.

6. The Babalawo (herbalist) always asks for the name of a person’s mother when preparing charms because it is believed that a child has strong affinity with his mother and because one is always sure of a child’s mother not his father.

7. A king in Yoruba land does not see a corpse. It is forbidden for a king to set his eyes on a dead body be it that of his father on his mother or any other person.

8. It is forbidden to start a business with credit or sell credit early in the morning or break money for someone in the morning because it is believed that some people may use evil money to corrupt your business.

9. Some traders believe that when taking their wares to the market in the morning, it is better to see a man first because it is believed that the god of business (Aje) is a man. Aje is believed to be the owner of money and controller of success therefore let the one who controls money and success open the way for the trader.

10. Yoruba parents do not believe in cursing because it is believed that curses of parents have direct effect on children.

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