Arrest Fayose For Rigging Ekiti Election; Falana Urges… SEE His Reasons!!!


Recently, the airwaves were agog with revelations from Tope Aluko, a former Secretary of the PDP in Ekiti state and Returning Officer of the party in the 2014 governorship election. Aluko described how Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose used the military to rig the gubernatorial election, interfere with political opposition and suppress voters. He also described how he, Mr. Fayose, Mr. Obanikoro, and Mr. Adesiyan agreed to enlist the help of Brigadier General Aliyu Momoh to coordinate the various military units and strike teams. Following these revelations, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mr. Femi Falana, has called for the arrest of Mr.  Fayose. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together the reasons thrown forward by this well respected lawyer…

– Mr. Falana called for the arrest and trial of Mr. Ayodele Fayose and his cohorts over the N4.8bn deployed to perpetrate the grave electoral malfeasance that characterised the last Ekiti State governorship election

– Falana said because Fayose was a candidate and not a governor when the serious electoral offences were committed by him, he should prosecuted.

– With respect to fresh facts which have established that the election was marred by monumental fraud, Mr. Falana has opined that the Supreme Court could be approached by the APC to review its judgment on the endorsement of the election of Mr. Fayose since it is trite law that any judgment obtained by fraud is liable to be set aside.

– Falana added that with respect to  recent earth-shaking revelations that have been credited to those who took part in the illegal use of armed soldiers to manipulate the election in favour of Mr. Fayose, Fayose should be arrested.

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  • fglakeside says:

    I am strongly in support of this move I have been wondering why this present government have refused to engage Mr Falana in the fight against corruption especially in his professional career. If APC want to achieve more in the area of judiciary reform pls, kindly engage this great lawyer somehow. I hope this will greatly receive the appropriate response from the APC. Let fight corruption from all angles

  • Manngoime says:

    Nonsense! What else is falana doing other than trying to sell his professional ticket. Falana should be engaged by Apc! What a shame… A so called erudite lawyer jumping to conclusions on fabricated confession of a disgruntled former crony. The law says an accused is deemed innocent until proven otherwise and falana knows this. Is it a case of age or compromise?

  • demmy says:

    Fayose should be arrested!

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