Dakore Akande Responds To Allegations, Says “I Didn’t Get Married For Money”


Petite Nollywood actress, Dakore Akande in a recent chat with TVC Entertainment opened up on her marriage, skin bleaching, the secret to her successful marriage and her love for music.

When asked how she felt concerning the rumours she married for money, Dakore said, “People are entitled to whatever they want to think. I married for love and thats why am still married. Just because my husband is from a wealthy family doesn’t automatically mean i married into wealth.

We love each other very much and we have two beautiful children. We’re living our lives the best way we can.”

On her 5 year-old marriage,

“Sometimes we get upset with each other and have expectations of each other but its a normal feeling, acting on it is a totally different thing. We have challenges like every marriage but we are commited and have our foundation as God.”

The sexy mother of two also dished on her never changing locks and why she took it off after 13 years. According to her she has a special relationship with her locks and only cut them off after she got bored.

Dakore also disclosed she’s one of the most scandal free actresses in the industry since 20 years

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