Sunday , 30 April 2017

UNBELIEVABLE!!! JSS 2 Student Impregnates Female Corper In Osun State [Photo]

Pregnant corper

A male JSS 2 student in a secondary school in Osun state has reported impregnated a female corper serving in his school.

It is however being speculated that the female corper must have been ‘jazzed’ by the student as the corp member couldn’t have let the student have his way with her with ‘clear eye’.

This is quite unfortunate giving the wide gap that exists between the corp member and the student.

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  1. Wonders shall never end!

  2. OMG!!! How old is the idiot Corper and the foolish student?

  3. this is unfortunate.

  4. It is quite unfortunate that this type thing should happen. The young should have much explanation to give as per what made her to condicend so low. Is it desperation or frustration? It indeed bad.

  5. Wow but I did blamed the student, I blamed the corper is dat frustrated abi hw?

  6. Neva judge wat u knw nt it cause. Neva predict who is @fault jus a search for the truth den place a commet. Dere is notin new unda dis world bt it seems new to we who is eager to learn

  7. Something must have gone wrong, I think the lady needed persuasion to know what make her for that. But don’t judge yet.

  8. its sounds irritating but not….. its beyond natural phenomenon but involved spiritual… may we never fall victims…

  9. pls nobody should blame d female Corper. am nt surprised to hear dis news cos I served in osun state just last year. students ova there r sthelse especially my ppa. am sorry for d Corper, she was jazzed nd she wldn’t be conscious of wat’s happening to her.

  10. Very strange…I dnt think it’s ordinary.

    • yes, you get it, this incident happened recently in my town, even it is not far from where I’m living, it was said that the guy used some kind of extra ordinary power for the corper

  11. In fact am speechless

  12. wonderful

  13. And so what, anything wrong with that or will you marry the girl. Maybe they both love each other so is not a crime biko.

  14. Don’t be surprise, this is one of the effect of bad governance in Nigeria especially in osun state( I mean government of osun state) . ask me how? osun state government had dismantled the basics of education in osun, 1. changing of all schools uniforms to one color, in which you cannot differentiate good students from bad students, I mean it will be very difficult to identity the student who impregnated the corper and which school he came from

    • Are u making sense? Did their uniform include wearing of mask to cover the face?

    • So, it’s different uniforms that would make you differentiate bad students from good ones?.
      Perhaps Osun govt is also responsible for the way you reason.

    • What the hell are u talking about? What has this got to do with the issue at hand? So every thing should be blamed on thevgovernment eh ?

  15. Nobody shud blame d boy, hw did a grow up lady as she fall so cheap with dat little boy. Nothing like jazz

  16. Never Judge by what you hear from the news Carrier, BT Judge by the reaction and the words of the Victims, Bcos you might also find urself in a kind of situation that might looks surprising and unbelievable to others….

  17. Well, it is unfortunate. Though I don’t know exactly what happened, bt sum time ,ladies like haven fun wit teenagers

  18. This is common among corpers. This one is an issue because it resulted in pregnancy. GOD have mercy on us all

  19. Na waoooo see gobe

  20. s*x now na 3 10naira e no get level again oo. Coper and JSS2 = stupidity of the highest order.

  21. it could happen to anybody. what of female copper that molest jss1 innocent boy? some ladies are good in taking advantages of young chaps but in this case its opposite. we do not know the true story! its sadonic! its lugubrous but we are all frail mortals and anyone could fall victim. How did d boy grt close to the copper? where did the incident take place? Nothing can have any effect on anyone if there is no attraction?

  22. That copper should be put in jail for seducing that little boy.

  23. This is pure child abuse. People should stop talking about juju.

  24. Something very hard to talk about and difficult to remain silent

    • See my people there are Randy ladies out there who does not care about age or class when it comes to this thing we are talking about. Something would have lead to another.God only wants to exposed them with the pregnancy.

  25. Well it may be jazss the boy used for the cops member ple because I can’t imagine such thing dis could not be love.

  26. Everybody is going on about d boy cause he’s in jss2, for all we know he could be age mates with the corper, I served in a school where we had a 19yr old. Jss3 student and my sis graduated at that age. Get all d info before u make comments.

  27. Someguy is very correct,let us Reason well b4 we judge,infact the scriptures Admonishes us not to judge.

  28. Thed did a good job


  30. What are their ages? Is the boy a minor? Perhaps they are age mates? We need more details. Age is just a number.

  31. Noting like jazz iz love

  32. That is without any s*x education been taught in our schools. Just imagine when they start teaching s*x education in our schools.

  33. Oboy na pass i just dey pass o i no fit shout

  34. notting is new , the both re stupid , let go back god .

  35. I’ve been in a similar situation as a kid with people i called aunties on to occasions, and my neighbor also told me he’s experience with one of the those aunties, so also I’ve had funny stories about things like this, the truth is not only men are guilty of molesting minors women are too, these things are happening somewhere everyday this one blew out of cover for everyone to talk about, all the same we are yet to get the real story behind this particular series.

  36. pls can u send the details of how it happened. I believe both were not staying together, so who visit who. in my own opinion both of them lake morals.even if they love each other must they have s*x?. this is disgusting. both were guilty of the sin

  37. both of them are no serious

  38. this things are real, there is also a copper who fost me to make love with her wen l was in SS 1, by that time l was the social prefect, but sincerely l was very intelligent and l always come first in both of her subjects ( Commerce& Accounting) believe u me she succeeded in sleeping with me for 1 hour after evening preps, and u no wat, l was disvagin by that female copper. pls l can’t mention her name but l only want to draw u guys attention to what happened during my time in secondary school. She is Yoruba lady from llorin. now lam also a final year student in federal polytechnic HND


  40. age is just a mere number,I sincerely believe that both of them love’s each other!nothing more else,most of the people commenting here! are Africans,Nigerians to be precised,one thing about this Nigerians is this!they have low mentality,even the ones that went to school,as a matter of fact we have larger numbers of primitive people than the civilised people in this Nigeria,do you know what that boy would become in future, this days I see ladies who are 10/15 times older than divido and wizkid following them all around in the name of love,and you all are here vomiting shit,is because the boy is not a celebrity,, shame on you Nigerians for your amature thinking.

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