5 Annoying Things Nigerian Politicians Do

There are so many bad things Nigerian politicians do that many Nigerians find absolutely annoying. The fact that they have become known to be one of the most corrupt bunch of politicians in the world is bad enough, they have also compounded it with frivolous activities like saying they would do something before they get into office only to not do it when they get their, they also like to be praised for doing the jobs they were voted in to do, like constructing roads. These are the sort of stuff, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you in this piece…

Setting up Committees: It is common practice for politicians to set up committees to look into an issue or correct an ill. Setting up committees is not totally a bad idea if they are set up for the right reasons.

Party prostitution: We have seen cases where a politician would decamp from one party to another and back to the party he left because he desperately seeks power. Nigerian politicians are only your friend until they need you no more.

Take politics as a career: They start first as an aide, then a Councillor then Local government chairman then state house of assembly member, House of Reps, Senate and it just goes on. Some of them have absolutely nothing when they start out, but by the time they are leaving, they own almost all the properties in their towns and villages.

Never want to retire: They often say the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, but they never want to retire, so how can the youths lead when they’ve refused to leave. For Nigerian politicians, as soon as power gets into their hands they hold on to it with their life til death do them part. They leave no room for new faces and ideas.

Fall ill when they have to face charges: This one has become the latest way to evade justice. They are very hale and hearty, when in office and looting but as soon as their tenure ends and someone dares to probe and it looks like evidences are against them, they suddenly become sick and require treatment in Mars.

True or false???

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