7 Things Every Nigerian Would Remember About Their Grandmother

For those Nigerians who were raised by their grandparents or had the opportunity to spend vacation with them, this piece would serve as a beautiful reminder of some of the things they might have forgotten about their grandmothers. However, for those people who didn’t get a chance to meet either of their grandmothers, well this piece by INFORMATION NIGERIA would give you a clear picture of how a Nigerian grandmother is…

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Repetition: A Nigerian grandmother is the queen of repetition. She can tell you one thing until you start reciting it from your subconscious. Nigerian grandmas would totally flip, if you go against that which they had instructed you to do after having literally said it hundreds of times. And when you make a mistake, she is going to keep taunting you with it. You are only free from being constantly reminded of what you did 3days ago, only when you commit a new offence to replace the old one.


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Old Nurse: A Nigerian grandmother is an average hospital matron. She knows everything about newborn babies and could sometimes fault hospital practises when it comes to taking care of newborns.

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Best cook: Almost all Nigerian grandmothers are excellent cooks. The mysterious part is, they do not indulge in modern seasoning as such yet the food tastes awesome.

Peacemaker: A Nigerian grandmother could leave her house and walk a couple of blocks or even the whole street just to settle a quarrel. A true Nigerian grandmother sees herself as an umpire – She enjoys making peace.


Greetings: Nigerian grandmothers can greet the known and the unknown. Walking with them on the street will take double the time only you would because she would make sure she greets everyone she possibly can as she passes. Mind you, these are not the hello/hi kind of greetings. They are like inquiry or public hearing.

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Encyclopedia: It is not rare to see people troop into the house of a Nigerian grandmother to seek counsel on life issues. She knows exactly what to say about any situation she is called upon for.

Worry much: A Nigerian grandmother could win a Nobel price for worrying and blowing things out of proportion. Anyone who wants to be held responsible for their grandmothers death should just go ahead and break a news to her without caution and see how agitated she’ll get in a blink.

What do you remember about your grandma???


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