Maheeda says she charges 250 Euros to Facetime with her


Controversial singer and nudist, Maheeda has in her usual fashion revealed that she would be extracting a charge for an opportunity to facetime with her, on a post she shared via her Instagram page.

The raunchy singer famous for nudes selfies revealed that she would be charging a fee of 250 Euros for a facetime session with her.

Maheeda shared the photo with the caption:

“My time/ attention cost money darling … Love it or hate it , that’s just how it is now…. And people are paying .. business is moving… I got the attention cheap so I’m selling it cheaper 250euros to enjoy chat with me now … (Note: CHAT e.g FaceTime) I know is cheap. i’m nice.. if u can’t pay pls disturb me not huh? Thank you. Enjoy! #nooshofreezone.”

Maheeda is also happily married with a daughter.

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