6 Local Snacks Nigerians Can Perfectly Relate To

If you grew up in a calm Nigerian city like Benin, warri, owerri or PH, you would definitely relate well to these 6 pictures of  local snacks  which INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together.

Coconut and boiled corn

This doesn’t need any introduction to any Nigerian who grew up in a nice city like Benin. A pack of taste and nutrition in one snack.

Boli and groundnut


This right here is the real the deal. Loved by Nigerians both old and young. Rich or poor.


This snack could be seen hawked in most Southeastern and south southern states of the country.



The Igbos say its theirs but Nigerians from every geoplitical zone have come to love and own this snack


Roasted cocoyam

Even stardom can’t take away the love from this extremely delicious local meal. Filling and tasty.

Roasted corn and pear

This is the rave of the moment. No need to imagine it. We are sure there is a vendor or two down your street. Do justice to it right away

Hope we didn’t make you hungry?

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