Friday , 15 December 2017

Two-Headed Snake Discovered In US Parking Lot

A two-headed snake has been discovered by a sideshow performer in the US state of Idaho.

The strange snake was discovered while the performer was working in a university parking lot, reports claim.

two-headed snake

Brad Byers shared a video of the snake which he found while driving a forklift.

The world record-holder for most swords swallowed said, “I found this two headed baby snake slithering across the parking lot. At first glance I thought it was injured by the forklift I was driving at the time.

He added, “I got down and got a closer look at the tiny little guy and found he had two heads!

Byers said the snake was just a baby when he first discovered it on Sept. 16, and that he plans to raise it to adulthood.

What’s the odds of a sideshow guy finding a snake like this slithering along?” Byers said.

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