Man Tells Court To Jail Father Who Injected Him With HIV As A Baby

A man attended a hearing last month where he urged the courts to keep his father in jail for as long as possible for injecting him with HIV when he was just 11 months old.

Bryan Jackson, 25, claimed his father, Brian Stewart, performed the terrible act just to get back at his mother.

Stewart, who worked as a blood tester after leaving the military, allegedly injected his son with a syringe full of HIV-tainted blood.

Jackson, however, survived the virus turning into full blown AIDS.

Bryan Jackson

Jackson’s school life was difficult because other kids would tease him about his condition and would exclude him from birthday parties or other special events.

The tragedy of my school life was that the school didn’t want me. They were scared,” he said. “They’d call me things like, ‘Aids boy, gay boy.’ That’s when I started to feel isolated and alone. I felt like there was no place in the world for me.”

Stewart was found guilty in 1998 by a Missouri jury and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. The whole purpose of Jackson attending last month’s hearing was to ensure that it would stay that way.

I may have forgiven him, but even in forgiveness I believe you have to pay the consequences,” he told BBC.

These days, he is much healthier and has an undetectable status.

Right now my T-cell count is above average. That gives me virtually no chance of passing the virus on. I’ve gone from taking 23 pills a day to taking one. I don’t know what I’ve been doing but now my HIV status is ‘undetectable’”, he said.

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