Prison Inmates Create ‘Mannequin Challenge’ Video With Contraband Phones

Officials at a prison in California, USA are investigating a viral video of a group of inmates – some holding cellphones – performing the ”Mannequin Challenge.”

On November 13, a YouTube user, tben916, posted a video on YouTube titled ”Mannequin Challenge: Prison,” which shows inmates at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility (RJDCF), taking part in the viral video trend where people hold still – as if they were frozen in time – while a moving camera films the scene.

The one-minute clip starts with inmates holding still in the bathroom, including one sitting on the toilet. It is unclear who is recording, but the camera then moves into what appears to be living quarters, showing an inmate holding a cellphone, a fake fight scene and an inmate reading. The video ends with another inmate in his bunk, also holding a cellphone.

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