President Yahya Jammeh Vows To Stay In Power Until May

The political uncertainty in The Gambia looks to be far from over as President Yahya Jammeh who lost in the Presidential elections in December 2016 has vowed to stay on in power until May 2017.

Jammeh lost to opposition candidate, Adama Barrow in the Presidential elections held on December 1 and initially conceded defeat. However, he made an unprecedented turnaround barely two weeks later, rejecting the election results, citing irregularities.

West African powers have prevailed on Jammeh to step down with the ECOWAS leaders led by Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari as well as Ghana’s former President, John Mahama.

Their first meeting with Jammeh produced no results and the new leader’s insistence on staying in power comes ahead of another planned mediation in the country on Friday.

He slammed foreign interference in a statement in a televised broadcast today as he said “Our review and investigation have revealed an unprecedented level of foreign interference in our elections and internal affairs. And also, a sustained smear campaign, propaganda and misinformation,”



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