Woman Opens Social Media Account For Amputated Foot

Kristi Loyall, a 25-year-old cancer survivor from Yukon in the US state of Oklahoma, who has been plagued with foot problems since 2011 took home a strange memento, her amputated foot.

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I eventually hope to travel the world with my foot,” Loyall said. “I kept going to the neurologist 5 or 6 more times he kept telling me it was a B-12 deficiency, so I kind of gave up on that until last summer I noticed a lump on the inside of my foot“.

After several more doctors and surgery, she got the devastating news; it was cancer.

Whenever I first found out I thought my life was over I thought that was a nice 25 year I thought this is it,” Loyall said.

But Loyall had just a few days to cope before she received another life changing blow. Doctors told her the cancer was so aggressive they needed to amputate her foot.

Usually the way I cope with things is I make a joke out of them, so the first thing I said was can I keep my foot,” Loyall asked.

Loyall wanted to keep her amputated foot, and that’s exactly what she did.

Straight from pathology they took it out of the formalin bucket and put it in a red bio-hazard bag and gave it to me,” Loyall said.

She took the foot to a skull speciality place where a few months later she took her foot home looking like a shiny new skeleton.

It was really really weird I moved my toes,” Loyall said.

Loyall is using the bone to document her foot’s adventures on Instagram.

I like to use foot puns one of my favourite things is to make people laugh. So that’s something that I’ve wanted the Instagram to do,” Loyall said.

Loyall is now cancer free and thankful to be getting a kick out of life.

It’s made me a lot more positive I used to be kind of pessimistic but now I try to find the humor in everything,” She said.

Loyal says she hopes to become involved in helping cancer patients and amputees so she can show them there’s life after the disease or surgery.

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