Man sues Uber after app error revealed his infidelity and led to divorce

A French man is suing ride-sharing service Uber, alleging a glitch in the app outed him for infidelity and led to his divorce.

The French Riviera resident is suing the U.S. company for $47 million, alleging a glitch in the application led to the end of his marriage.


The lawsuit alleges the man used his wife’s iPhone to summon an Uber, and her phone continued to receive notifications about his account with the ride-sharing service even after he signed out of the app on her phone.

The notifications, which included the man’s pickup and drop-off times and locations, led his wife to discover he was having an affair. The couple have since divorced.

“Uber does not publicly comment on individual cases, including the case of divorce proceedings between spouses,” an Uber France spokesman told Le Figaro.

Uber users running versions of the iOS iPhone software older than the 2015 release have previously reported similar problems with notifications showing up even after they were signed out of the app.

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