Man wins two lottery jackpots in one day

A man from South Carolina, USA became a two-time lottery winner in a single day when he cashed in a pair of tickets worth $100,000 and $200,000.

The South Carolina Education Lottery said the lucky man has been playing the Palmetto Cash 5 daily drawing game for more than a decade, and he purchased a ticket for the Jan. 30 drawing at Situ LLC in Darlington.


Officials said the man then drove three miles to an EZ Shop store, where he bought a ticket with the same numbers — but this time, he paid extra for the multiplier.

The man’s tickets matched all five numbers in the drawing, making his first ticket worth $100,000 and the second worth $200,000, thanks to the multiplier.

“This is life changing,” the man said.

“I’m paying off my house,” he said. “I’m debt free.”

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