Thursday , 23 November 2017

Tennis ball massaged out of python’s stomach

A carpet python had a tennis ball massaged out of its stomach after failing to swallow the unusual meal.

A US Snakehandler shared X-ray photos of the ball lodged deep inside the snake’s body, creating a large bulge in its belly.

Q: What do you serve but not eat?A: A Tennis ball!!!This snake decided to lunch on the wrong thing! Luckily the home…

Posted by Townsville Snakehandler on Tuesday, February 7, 2017


“This snake decided to lunch on the wrong thing!” Townsville Snakehandler said. “Luckily the home owners noticed this guy’s unusually round lump and called a snake catcher.”

After determining the ball hadn’t been inside the python’s body for long, the snake handlers spent 20 minutes gently massaging the snake to push the ball out.

“The snake will have some RnR for a few days and fed a normal food item and then be released back to the wild!” The snake handlers said.

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