Supreme Court Bans Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia

Russia’s Supreme Court has banned Jehovah’s Witnesses from the country.

The court made the decision after describing the group as an extremist organization.

Four former members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses had told a Russia’s Supreme Court how they were brainwashed by the church against receiving higher education or starting a family.

A wtiness, Natalia Koretskaya from St. Petersburg had told the court she had been a member of that organisation from 1995 to 2009 and had realised over this period that the organisation’s members “were living under full and total control of the [Jehovah’s Witnesses] Administrative Centre.”

“The heads of the Jehovah’s Witnesses formally watch canonical compliance with the norms but in real fact the talk is about total control of an individual’s personal life – his intimate life, education and work,” Koretskaya told the court.

Koretskaya said she had been expelled from the religious organisation and its members had been banned to communicate with her after she started close but officially unregistered relationship with a man.

“Therefore, a person turns out to be expelled into the outer world, in which he has already forgotten how to live over the years of his stay in the organisation,” Koretskaya added.

Justice Yury Ivanenko in his verdict on Thursday, said Russia had decided to close down “the administrative centre of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the local organisations in its fold and turn their property over to the Russian Federation.”

Source: Dailypost


  • Emmanuel Ebhojieaye says:

    Good example. Needed to be copied. Religion is a freewill, choice and not to be forced into via brainwashing. Brainwashing of any kind should be punishable. Thanks.

    • Owoidighe Titus says:

      As you have said, Religion is a matter of freewill. No Jehovah’s Witness is forced or brainwashed to accept the teachings of the religious organization. Jehovah’s Witnesses base their teachings completely on the Bible and on what our Lord Jesus commanded. They Reject double standard so noticeable most religions today.they are not men pleasers or crowd followers, that’s why they’re sometimes misunderstood and hated. God’s standards are always against the standards of humans. Jehovah’s Witnesses are determined to adhere to God’s superlative standard despite any threat.

  • Olumide says:

    may the will of God be done!

  • Owoidighe Titus says:

    All over the world, Jehovah’s Witnesses numbers into over twenty million people, this is more than the population of five African countries put together. Jehovah’s witnesses are levelheaded people, they’re among the best brains in the world(Checkout their publications, their construction/ building projects.) They’re not noise makers. Their beliefs are based completely on the Bible and what our Lord Jesus commanded. They’re not men pleasers or crowd followers.. That’s why they’re hated. Jehovah’s Witnesses detest double standard so noticeable in most religions today.
    As for the Russian government purported ban on the world most peaceful religious organization.. We will see them in Court. This is 21century, not the stone age.
    Human Rights and Religious freedom must be upheld by all governments.

  • Monica says:

    The bible is there to guide us so brainwashing is not good. Jesus talk about forgiveness in the Lord’s prayer but na wa for some of these doctrines that has put people inside bondage

  • Monica says:

    On the day of accountability before God Almighty our hand work will speak and certainly not our doctrine or members. We should bear in mind there is no church in heaven it is individuals account of his or her self that will matter that day period.

  • B. Amona says:

    Monica, I’m happy you believe in the Bible. When the Bible sets moral Standard for Christians and the christian congregation, do you call that Brain washing? For example 1Corinthians 5 :1-13 sets standard as to what should be done to an unrepentant sinner in the congregation, do you call that Brain? The Bible also allows the congregation to forgive and Welcome back this individual to their midst when he shows evidence of remove.

  • B. Amona says:

    When he shows evidence of remorse

  • B. Amona says:

    Persecution of God ‘s people is not new, but fighters against God never prevails. – Acts 5 :35-39.

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