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Electricity problem leads to s*x with sister-in-law – man shares his story

I am a Nigerian living with my wife and her sister in Warri in the southern coast. I am john 31, my wife’s name is Sandra and she is 29 while my sister-in-law is Anna and she just turned 20. In Nigeria, electricity supply is a big problem. Most of the time, there will be no electricity supply to power the home appliances like air conditioners, fans etc. Unfortunately the weather is always hot which make people to get very uncomfortable. One way to get around this problem especially at night is to sleep with all the windows open which allows fresh air into the living apartments. The downside to this is that, if there is supply of electricity suddenly at night, your whole apartment will lay bare to burglars and robbers who are always looking for where to enter and steal. The way to go about the whole thing is, if by the time you want to sleep, there is no electricity, you leave all the windows opened and sleep, however, if there is supply of electricity during the night, somebody has to wake up and close all windows to avoid intruders. As the man of the house it is my duty to carry out this duty of making sure that the windows are closed as necessary and this is what led to this blissful story. We live in a two bedroom apartment with a sitting room. I share one room with Sandra while Anna stays in the other room alone.

My wife, Sandra, is a beautiful plumb woman with a big a*s and one of the wettiest pussies you will ever come across. Anna, my sister-in-law is a black beauty with nice curves and a waist and a*s to die for. I have a wonderful s*x life with my wife, as we have s*x as much as both of us want.

I have never seen Anna in a s*xual way for two reasons. One, like I said, I have good s*x with my wife all the time. Two, inc*st is a serious taboo in our community such that I have never dreamt that this would happen. All these changed one night when I had to close all windows in the middle of the night. After closing the one in our own room, I went to Anna’s room to do the same. When I entered her room, I was shocked at what I met. Here was my sister-in-law, sleeping with only white panties on (I easily get turned on by white panties). She was lying on her back with her leg patted, giving me a glorious view of her panty covered p*ssy and unclad chest.

In that instance, I forgot that Anna is my sister-in-law and that it is a taboo to even think of having s*x with her. All I can see is a beautiful woman exposing her panty covered p*ssy and her chest to my hungry eyes. My man-hood swung into action reacting to the er*tic site by becoming very hard. For two minutes, I got lost in thought and ecstasy. What should I do? I was awaken from my slumber by a call from wife who just woke up. I quickly close the windows and went back to my room closing the door behind me. When I got back to my room, I couldn’t sleep again. When I checked out my wife she has gone back to sleep. What should I do? Should I sneak back into Anna’s room? What would be my excuse if my wife should wake up again especially now that she is aware that I have already closed all windows. That’s too risky and I quckly dropped the idea.

What I did was to move closer to my wife and put my hand under her sleeping clothes looking for her black p*ssy. Luckily she was not wearing any underwear and I started rubbing her p*ssy slowly. She moaned quietly, opened her eyes to look at me then smiled and open her legs wider giving me more access to her p*ssy. As I continued to rub her p*ssy, she grab my man-hood and plead that I should f**k her. I then positioned my man-hood at the entrance of her p*ssy and plunged in deep into her. As I f**ked her, all my imagination was on the image of Anna I saw earlier. This only fuelled my anxiety and I f**ked Sandra, the way I have never done her before.

From that day, I started seeing Anna in a different light and I was looking for a better opportunity to f**k her.

Luck shine on me about a week later when I have myself in a similar situation with the first one except that this one was better. As I entered Anna’s room, I met her asleep as usual but this time with a silky skirt. When I adjusted my eyes to the light in the room, I realize that the skirt has risen up and Anna was not wearing any panties. My man-hood became hard immediately.

I didn’t think twice before I kneel beside the bed and start to rub her p*ssy. As I rub her p*ssy, her breathing increases and I can feel her p*ssy getting wet. This encourages me to put my mouth on her p*ssy and started sucking her clit.

Suddenly Anna opened her eyes with fear and shock on her face.

Then she said “What if my sister find out?”

To me, this was more of an agreement to what I was doing than a disagreement. If she doesn’t like what I was doing, she won’t be bothered about her sister finding out.

I simply replied in hush tone “She is sleeping and beside if she call out, I can always defend the fact that I came to close the windows.”

As I was talking, I did not stop rubbing her clit and by now her anxiety has increased as she has opened her leg wider for me. Then she begged me to please f**k her. Who am I to turn down a glorious p*ssy? I brought out my man-hood in a flash and enter her warm p*ssy.

source: Liter*tica

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