Monday , 20 November 2017

Fans Come For Regina Daniels Over Bedroom Photo With Boyfriend

16yrs old Nollywood star, Regina Daniels took to Instagram to share this bedroom photo with boyfriend somadina.

Her followers didn’t hesitate to show their displeasure over it

See photo and comments below


Source: Instagram

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  1. 17years old. At this age she have a boyfriend! That is imposible. I can t believe that her mother allowed her to com with him on her bedroom. How stupidity!

  2. Ooops never expected this from her i guess its her life

  3. yea wat iz wrong in having a boyfriend since her parents knows abt it den itz fyn Or wud u hav preferred her doing it secretly

  4. micheal John Odey

    waoh!! so surprisingly. well it’s good to stand firmly discovering your talent,live is not all about that but think wise.

  5. Igbokwe obianuju loveth

    Its a little bit weird……buh we can’t judge……so maybe its a movie dey re acting

  6. it beta done openly dan hidden….ma dear i love ur courage juz dont be moved wit wuh eva u hear or see..m nuh surprised biko…

  7. I agree wt u dear, maybe it just a movie. Luv u regi-babe, u r naturally endoured.

  8. collinzzy mbecity

    we should not judge these unique couples pls maybe it’s the will of God,let’s just keep our fingers cross.

  9. There Is Nothing I Can Infer Here Except That “when Unhappenable Happens To Happen, All The Happenings Will Not Happen Again Until All The Unhappenables Happens To Stop”. My Candid Piece of Advice To My Daughter Is That She Should Have NOTHING to do with NOTHING Else She End Up With NOTHING. Let Wisdom Lead You As God Takes You To Your Place Of Glory, Joy And Rest. See Matthew 6:33. God Bless You Dear!

  10. As for me nothing is wrong with the picture they are cute and lovely
    My dear diz life people wil always talk so do wat you feel is okay for you

  11. omg I can’t believed this is happening wow maybe her mum is enjoying it keep it on if that what you want

  12. men das cul its nomal 4 pple 2 be against u go 2 dey western world ull knw she has done nothing keep it up Girl

  13. dats nonsense havin a boyfriend at dis age nd proud of doin it….. she is nt even up to 18years dats rubbish nt coz she is celebrity bt she is showin her self too much

  14. We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid♥⇩

  15. Hmmm…in some countries that guy shud b arrested by now..this is stupidity..

  16. Let’s not condemn them, your prayer should be let it be for eternity. What makes her different is that she achieved her goals faster than some of us and let us accept the truth. And for pregnancy, God gives children, know that if at all she is then the baby is for a purpose. Don’t be a reason for the baby to be aborted because of your uncouraging words, Regina wishing you the best of luck in your relationship and please be faithful to each and do the right thing to ashame your enemies. I like you, am your fan

  17. i pray 4 them 2 be happy 4 ever

  18. my dear do any that pleased u, it a free world , I luv n cheerist ur career.

  19. i am happy for her been a celebrity but let her be happy always nd keep been on top nd gnd will help u

  20. @marybelleobie go and buy your own pink lip balm and stop coming here to spew nonsense” get a life”….

  21. guys Regina made her choice but she should do it and do it very well. She should also not forget that fornication is a sin SHALOM

  22. @Justin u re saying fornication is a sin,u no dey f**k?.Dere isn’t any child again in dis life.So we should leave Regina alone,its a free world.As long she’s doing d things dat makes her happy why re u hypocrites criticizing her.Abeg jare my baby girl @regina dey re jealous of u.Doing things dat makes u happy is very important in dis life,4get abt what any body might say,it ur choice.

  23. OMG!!!! Regi i luv ur courage, some said real relationship starts at 18 n u are 17 i dnt see any difns there oh, dnt listen to wat odas are sayx dr do wat ur hrt tells u to do. But! take care.

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