Thursday , 17 August 2017

Here is how to have more s*x with your partner than before

Life happens all the time and then things don’t remain the same in relationship, the s*x suffers. Here is how you and your partner can have more s*x.

Men have always been accused of been the ones that want s*x all of the time, which is about right some of the time but not all of the time. If you consider some stories on social media to be true where you the guy has had to flee from the lady because of her incessant s*x wants then you might agree that there are instances where ladies also want s*x as much as guys.
There have been other studies and articles that talk about how ladies want s*x as much as guys but guys have always been the ones to take the largest part of the blame cake here. For people who have enough s*x in their relationship, this may be cool but for those whose s*x lives are barely in existence.

This is used to describe when couples have s*x twice or less in a week, which is a very low number. Something has to be done in such relationship to increase the number of times s*x happens in the relationship or you might as well just terminate the relationship.

This is where this article comes in. In a survey carried out among thousands of couples in the U.K by They found out that people do a lot of bizarre and sometimes wonderful things in their relationship to keep the s*x alive, reports Harry Fletcher, Loaded.
The study discovered that couples have s*x twice in a ten-day period, as we said earlier, this is awful. The solution to this might be easy and very fun filled. The way to increase the s*x in a relationship is to go to an interesting place together for vacation.

Quite easy and straightforward, isn’t it? Not only does help you both see a new place and create new adventures together, it can also increase the frequency in your s*x life from twice in ten days to nine times during the same time period. Safe to say almost daily within the timeframe if the vacation spanned ten days.
Only 7.8% of polled couples like to have s*x on the beach during vacation. So, it’s not a popular agenda unlike the movies try to paint
Only 7.8% of polled couples like to have s*x on the beach during vacation. So, it’s not a popular agenda unlike the movies try to paint it.

The survey polled over 2,000 people and asked about their holiday habits, most revealed it was their favorite place to have s*x. It could be that for married people, no kids around could spur them into getting in between the sheet for some adult action. While in vacation, 51 percent preferred to have s*x in bed, while 8.2 per cent of them preferred the hot tub while 7.8 percent like the beach, and lastly 6.5 percent preferred the shower.
Even in vacation, only a few people wanted to do beach s*x and shower s*x. Vacations don’t necessarily have to be to far and expensive place. A weekend somewhere out of town will do well as well. Reconnecting with your partner helps bring the s*x back.


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