Maheeda strip photos to show that she Isn’t your role model

Maheeda is not a role model and the controversial nudist wants her followers to know this.

Yesterday, the mother of one who recently resumed making music, shared her usual explicit posts, showing off a bit of skin and trolls hopped on her Instagram page to barrage her with unkind words.

And Maheeda snapped.

“Hey male and female bitches, I’m not your mother. I am not your fucking role model, that’s your mother’s job,” she said, adding, “I’m a bad bitch, I only do what bitches do.”

As though that was not enough, she continued in the caption, “Apply what u know to your life and be richer, have more fame, more followers and make everyone in Nigeria make heaven . Be more than I can be first or shut the fucking up!”

This is not the first time Maheeda would be reminding folks about her lifestyle. Late last year, the singer stopped posting explicit photos on Instagram, and instead shared more photos about her family, and told stories many people never knew about her – that she is married to a man who supports her endeavours, who demands only that she stays faithful to him.

And Maheeda affirms this.

In her recent interview with HipTV, the mum of one explained why she continues to strip for the ‘gram. “It sells,” she said, adding, “I really believe that Nigerians- even though they try to act like they don’t like sexuality- they do. And that’s why I give them what they want.”

And on her husband’s support, said, “[My husband] said to me, “whatever you do, I will support you. Just don’t put the ‘main thing’ out there,” she concluded.

Now, folks are woefully trying to make the controversial singer feel bad about her online lifestyle, and she has given them an apt response.

See her recent photos which prove that Maheeda will not quit stripping any time soon:

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