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I Thought She Only Wants To Learn Excel Now s*x Is All We Learn

I am a happily married Nigerian man living with my wife and two children in one of the coastal cities of Nigeria. I am 32 years old and I have a very good s*x life with my 28 years old wife. My wife is beautiful, sexy, ebony black, medium in height and weight, and with a s*x drive that adequately matched my own. As a result of this, I have never considered the possibility of cheating on her. If I meet a girl or woman that I want and that probably give me arousal, all I have to do is get to my wife and transfer the s*xual fantasy to her black, clean shaved p*ssy. This is made easier for us as my wife doesn’t work. She is a complete housewife taking care of the house and the children. She never says no to my s*xual advances, neither does she show any sign of reluctance. She always welcomes my s*xual advances with equal interest and anticipation. With my marital setup of s*xual bliss, I never believe I can cheat my wife not to talk of cheating her with my own blood, my first cousin.

It all started when my cousin, Moji, was posted to Delta state where I live for her one year mandatory national youth service after graduation from the university. For her primary assignment, she was posted to a bank. Unfortunately (or may be fortunately in the long run), the bank does not provide accommodation for their corpers (people on national youth scheme are simply referred to as CORPERS in Nigeria). Instead they pay them allowances in lieu while the corpers have to look for accommodation on their own. This is how Moji come to live with us.

We live in a four bedroom bungalow with one living room and two bathrooms. My wife and I stay in one bedroom, my two children in one while the a third is the guestroom. I converted the fourth room into a study with book shelves, a table and a chair with a PC and a couch with a small coffee table. I work for an oil company as a petrophysicist and this requires constant reading and computer analysis of petrophysical data. This is why I need a study with a PC. I am generally good with computers. My wife knows my nature of work and she doesn’t disturb me. I stay late in the study on most nights and this doesn’t affect our s*x life in any way. We have s*x anyhow, anytime and anywhere. As a matter of fact, if I find myself being distracted from my study by s*xual thoughts, I would either go meet my wife or invited her to the study for a round of hot s*x and she could do the same. The couch in the study, the carpet, the couch in the sitting room, the kitchen and the dining table are all witnesses to our hot s*x sessions.

When Moji moved in, she naturally moved to the empty guest room. Moji is a beautiful girl, a little bit on the short side. She is 22 with a round a*s and moderate t*ts. I know she is beautiful, but I have never looked at her in a s*xual way. One evening while we are all having dinner, she asked whether I can help her with Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet program being used by her bank. I told her to meet me in my study later.

Later that evening, Moji came to meet me in my study and I asked her to sit down on the couch while I finished what I was doing. There is only one chair in my study which is the one I sit on. I don’t entertain visitor in the study and on occasions when my wife come to my study, she naturally sit on the couch, most of the time for our passionate hot s*x session.

When I finished what I was doing, I turned around to Moji and I was treated to one of the most er*tic site by a woman outside my wife. Moji was wearing a T-shirt with only pants. She was sitting down with her back on the couch holding a book while her two legs are on the coffee table. Her crotch was well exposed as are thighs were parted and I can see her white panties. Now, I am easily turned on by white under wears and my man-hood reacted by become hard in an instant. Moji was obviously engrossed in whatever book she was reading and was not aware of my lustful look at her er*tic posture. This proved advantageous to me as I beheld my cousin in a new light. She is now a s*xual object. At that instant, may be because of our physical closeness, all I can think about is how to get beneath the white panties and fiddle with the glorious p*ssy that it covers. Coming to my senses, I realize there was nothing I can do, but then, something has entered my head. I have to f**k my cousin. I cleared my throat to get her attention and she quickly sat properly probably not aware of my earlier lustful observation.

Since there was no other chair, she move to the table leaning on it by my left while she told me what she wanted to learn in Microsoft Excel. As I clicked and explained things to her on the PC, my minds keep on drifting to her er*tic posture earlier on. The more I think about it, the harder I become in my s*xual member. I became very uncomfortable and was fidgeting with my free left hand. The only way I knew to solve this kind of problem would be to go to my wife or invite her for a hot round of s*x. However, the situation now was completely different as all I wanted then was to f**k my own beautiful cousin. When Moji noted my discomfort especially with my fidgeting hand she thought it was because there was no place I can place my left hand. She innocently urged me to put it on her back which I promptly did. As time went on, my man-hood started doing the thinking for me and allowed my hand to wander ‘innocently’ until it stopped on her round a*s. I didn’t know whether she noticed or not but she behave normally and this emboldened me to give her a*s a small squeeze. At this point she jumped up look at me in the face without any recognizable expression, thanks me for the tutorial and said she was going to bed.

What have I done? I was annoyed with myself and very embarrassed at the turnout of event and I believe my lovely cousin felt the squeeze on her a*s and is probably disgusted at me. Throughout that night, I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t touch my wife. What of if Moji tell my mother or her father (her father is my mother’s brother) or worse still my wife? May be she will leave my house? I decided I will talk to her the following day.

The following morning, I was surprised and relief that there was no sign of last night’s event from Moji. She was herself the way she behaved to me either when I was alone with her or with the rest of the family. Seeing this I decided not to take any further action on the issue. Earlier in the evening, Moji thanked me in front of everybody and explained that her colleagues in the office were surprised and impressed with the way she was able to use the Excel program that day. She concluded that she will like to join me in my study later that night again for another round of lesson, if I don’t mind, to which I quickly said I was happy to be of help and she was welcomed anytime.

Back in my study that night, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I was thinking of Moji. There were many unanswered questions? Did she notice the squeeze on her a*s, last night? If she did, does it mean she loves it? Would she let me go further? How far will she let me go? I was thinking about all these when I had a knock and I asked Moji to come in. This time around, I asked her to come straight to the table so that we can start her lesson immediately.

Today, Moji was wearing a silky long dress and I can’t seem to see any panty line. She looks so sexy and I was filled with s*xual thoughts again only this time I decided to be careful and see whether there would be any sign from her as to what she thought about the whole thing. About thirty minutes into our lesson, Moji started bending down trying to scratch her legs as she lean on the table complaining of mosquito bites. At first, I didn’t know what to make of it as I was sure that my study, like other parts of the house is free of mosquito. I made sure of this with constant fumigation and daily spray of insecticides. Well, anytime she bends down to scratch her legs, she will leave the table, face away from me with her a*s within reach and I can always see up to her thighs. Seeing this as an opportunity to touch her, I asked whether I can help her scratch her legs while we work and she readily agreed. I then place my hand on one of her leg and started rubbing it gently and from time to time I was switching from one leg to the other. The whole scene was getting me horny and my man-hood was getting harder by the second and before long started doing the thinking for me.

I realized that Moji too was now enjoying it all as she was completely relaxed. With my man-hood so hard, I move my hand up to her thighs and a little moan escape her mouth but she neither stop me nor complain. Taking this as a yes, I move up to her upper thigh and whoa! I was in even. Her skin was smooth and sexy. Without any complaint from her, I moved higher up to her private area. Goodness me, there was no panties and her p*ssy was clean shaved. First, I moved my hand over her a*s and into her p*ssy. At this juncture, it was obvious we were no longer teaching excel nether was I helping her with mosquito bites. She was squirming and bumping her p*ssy into my hands and busy rubbing her cli**ris. She then stood up from the table and stood in between my legs. She looks at me with a strange sexy look and kissed me passionately on the mouth. As we engaged in passionate mouth kissing, I move one hand to her t*ts squeezing it gently while she unzipped my jean trousers and brought out my man-hood which has grown to its full length. I quickly discarded my trousers and panties and placed her straddling me while she eased her wet p*ssy into my vertically erect man-hood.

Her p*ssy was tight and she moaned with pleasure as I plunged deep into her. She then started moving up and down while I play with her chest. At first, her movement was slow, but it soon gathered momentum as wave of ecstasy and indescribable pleasure enveloped the two us. As Orgasmic pressure got hold of her, she grabbed my shoulder and threw her head back in a posture that I will never forget. As we both reached the crescendo of our orgasmic heights, I shot my load into her and we both grab each other as the s*xual tension drifted away from our bodies.

Almost simultaneously, we both came to our senses and realized what we have done. While I look for a way to put my trousers back on, she quickly gathered herself together and left the room without uttering a word.

The following evening, while I was sitting together with my wife in the living room, Moji came in and said, “Thank you very much for yesterday, you are so good.”

My wife was very proud of me and started telling my cousin on how good I have always been both academically while we were in school ( I met my wife in the university) and now as a responsible husband and father. Deep inside me, I don’t know which one Moji was thanking me for: The s*x or Excel… What do you think?

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