If you beat your wife, you’re going to hell- Mr IBu

Domestic violence has been on the rise in recent times and as a result, many have taken to social media to try and create awareness that domestic violence in any form is wrong whether it’s against a man or a woman.
Several celebrities have also lent their voice to this cause including most recently John Okafor aka Mr Ibu.
Taking to his Instagram page, he said those who beat women are going to hell.
“It is an offence to beat a woman do not beat ur wife if u do just prepare to go to hell,” he wrote.
A small scale study conducted in Oyo and Lagos states indicated that 65% of educated women are abused and 56% blue collar or market women experience similar attacks.
The African Journal of Reproductive Health in 2005 referring to Nigerian men said a husband has the liberty to violate and batter his wife if he feels she has not adequately fulfilled her obligations.


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