Read Full Biography & Net Worth Of Lagos Big Boy ‘Hushpuppi’

Ray Hushpuppi (born Igbalodely on June 14) also called “Aja Puppi” a.k.a Aja 4, is a Malaysian-base-Nigerian philanthropist.

Hushpuppi is best known for his luxurious lifestyle he lives both home and abroad. The young man has taste for good things as he is highly fashionable.

Hushpuppi reviewed that he used to be a heavy gambler.

The pictures he shares on his social media handles show the kind of life he lives as he believes highly in living large and having fun to the fullest. He works hard for his money after all.

In a recent social media fight between Hushpuppi and some Nigerian celebrities like Davido, this is what Hushpuppi has to say;

“I’m specially taking today out to appreciate everyone of you great people out there that have met me in person from all over the world in the places I have been and showed me massive love over this internet fake hatred, a lot of you took courage to say hi to me, take pictures with me and offered me drinks or take my bills and so many more in different locations all over the world. It’s amazing to experience such amazing side of humans expressing love to one another sharing laughters, hugs and even as small as handshakes. Believe me, a lot of you told me you like what I do, you like how I brought myself and my family from nothing to something, how I believe in myself and how I changed the game and taught niggas how not to be lame asses when they get that money, taught them to take trips, wear on some good clothes not just drink champagne, smoke weed n gossip and at the same time some of y’all gave me advices to be careful and all that, I want you all to know I put every word you say to me into consideration and I never forget them and I really appreciate y’all who’s been supporting me through good n trouble times that I haven’t had the chance to meet and I promise you all it would be a wonderful experience when we cross path, never feel shy to say hi if you see me around. Most importantly I want to thank you hating ass punks, you part of the reason I never stop getting the money, I love you guys too. Yours igbalodely, Hushpuppi aka Aja Puppi aka Aja 4, he said.”

Net worth

We currently cannot estimate the actual net worth of Ray Hushpuppi, but people says he had a Rolls Royce, a latest Range Rover and some cars, love tralleving in private jet and buying drinks worth of millions in the club, he his also a Gucci lover, he had a lot of Gucci shoes and clothes. Hushpuppi worth billions of naira.

This biography about Ray Hushpuppi is not complete.


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  • Lizabeth says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this guy! People are just jealous of him! Nigerians should learn how to mind their businesses and face vital issues! I am still looking for my President, has anyone seen him? no one is concerned about that, all they are doing is hating someone who doesn’t even know them by their names! If I were the guy, I will be singing one of adekunle gold song…. I’m higher than the world, no dey hay hate me oh, Eyin ko le da mi…. Eje se temi!

  • mark says:

    Hushpuppi I hail oooo,let them keep hating,your money will still be bumming

    Fuck haters.

  • Nwanne Obiomachi says:

    You are bad bro do what you do best……..

  • Heskey says:

    I’m in desperate in need of money to solve an issue in my life ,oh my God!

  • Richie boss says:

    Ray hushpuppi i love u baba always want to be like you gat to the top amen

  • AJAYI says:


  • confidence says:

    Bros hushpuppi high star for u abeg u too much.


    NA Money ritual he do

  • kennel says:

    una no get sense

  • djtexzy says:

    I like ya way die

  • Oliver Anyiam says:

    Hush_baba you too much

  • larrex says:

    hush ride on i love u

  • Deby says:

    My brother flex your money, don’t mind them, anybody can say anything, if money no de they will talk, if e dey they go still talk.I wish I can make money like you do,and I tap from your blessings

  • Femi says:

    Oya hushpp baba agba…aja nsare owo nwole

  • Abraham says:

    Boss carry go and carry your boy follow

  • james says:

    d quy is cool

  • you are the best guy I have ever since wearing the great Gucci

  • feca says:

    u d boss….
    hush .money

  • Don yemight says:

    I like d boss……..Hushpuppi baba na Na Pounds and dollars u nd ur families dey take shower……Too much money i pray to make money like diz……Remember me hushpuppi!!!

  • Otunba Alabi says:

    Don’t mind Jo eat your money my chair

  • Alabi olusola from ogijo Ilara town says:

    You’re on top let them say carry on you have no fear Big machine

  • mr real says:

    ma guy live and let live no the carry ya own d disturb pple for here. If u like buy ya watch and shoe with ya life na ya papa biz be dat afterall na person get company wey d produce dis items and they let us hear word na u wey only buy dey disturb us y na. Anyway u just see money na so e dey d sha

  • eric kevin says:

    my real gee, if only I can meet you I will tell u what I want

  • oriade seun xtian says:

    please bro, all i need to settle down my life and build a workshop is N1m, i
    will be glad sir if u can help me with it. I also sing sir u can create a record label and add me up sir. i will be glad and grateful if i succeed thru you sir. Thanks

  • rotimi says:

    bro bless up….no be the way count na the achievement….afterall no be u bad boss

  • olatunji Yusuf says:

    happy belated birthday to you may Almighty God continue to bless you and guild you pls I need your financial assistance and I will be glad if you can assist me sir.thanks and God bless you.

  • Dammy says:

    Ray…baba ohhh man of Gucci..I
    Salute your swaged.. God has answer your prayer forget about heaters….
    If u have anything for me…I be your guy.. My account number be this…3111327275 damilare oyetunde…first bank

  • Uchendu Ben says:

    Please am badly in need of the money, account no 0046318678 bank diamond bank account name uchendu benedict…….thank

  • Chukwu edwin moon says:

    Hater’s said it rituals, were they rejected to do d same? if u see a wealthy man respect him….hush pupie long live d king.

  • Phemmy says:

    F**k haiters, you too much mor blessing baba, biger you aja4femi

  • Fakfil says:

    Hushpuppi I don’t mind a few thousands in my account o Skye Bank 2020427570

  • benita abebe says:

    Mr hush ever since have opened my acct have Neva been alerted. shame on me ! 2111246805 benedicta abebe

  • smith mathew says:

    no hate for u dude, God has given you what you want. not everybody is meant to be rich in life. criticism is part of life.
    i did not crave to be rich nor hope to be poor but in all my endeavour let me be please. like my own hustle of defending my country

  • godeon says:

    Okonye Igwebike Gideon 4283025926 eco bank God bless !

  • Gabriel Olaide says:

    I Dont Know D Reason Why A Grown Up Guy Would Behave Like A 3year Old Kid,must He Show Off All These Tinz,dumb Boy…….,lolz

  • James Rawson says:

    You too much my bro, enjoy and have a lovely home showers with milk and honey

  • isaac says:

    Boss carry on, enjoy yourself sir coz you truly and really work hard for it….

  • destiny d best says:

    guy u be goat
    u people when dey heal am na cow una be
    if u no see beta yin use money do why u no give opharnage

  • Sopman says:

    •Im nt a hater,im here to advise mr #Hushpuppi a little,u may say who am i to advise a wealthy man,but u 4get u havent met me in person…•
    Well,hush Nwanne M,every1 knows u are rich and ur fans love u for that..
    U said u started from d root,but im not seeinq u as someone who did.
    °°if u realy suffered for ur billions,o dont think u would have the time to blast celebs.
    Time na money,but u use urs in snapinq shoes and bags coulped with a life of luxury,u are the only guy i have seen carrying bags aroound,…
    instead of wasting a lot of mney on shoes and bags that would spoil try investing on pple’s lives,that mark stays forever.Let d ears hear°°°
    Yours faithful

  • Emilee says:

    comedian hushpuppi lol u day compare ur small self with boss Davido. fame day hungry u abi

  • victor says:

    I just love your life style @ hush puppi….more life, more success…. ijn….pray I’ll some day be like you….make I rest from drinking gari all the time…amen

  • harmony says:

    aja pupi dope you.ur swags kill africa.bless ur boyz.ur friends has 30 billion you what than that. you are not comedian or musician but you have fame than them. bless my acount3111066868 first bank orenuga name bro

  • harmony says:

    aja pupi you care for the look billions stand dope.Gucci fall on you. Prada fall on u. glory fall on u.make money fall on my account. rescue us from today poverty. anything bro.3111066868 first bank 0renuga mukaila.aka pupi fanz

  • If u ar saying anything about this real nigga u’re saying rubbish bcos u’re jealous of him,aja puppi i sight u,

  • Brume onos says:

    I pray for more grace n more money into ur extraordinary bank accounts,bro I tell according to our legendary tuface dat nobody talks about u when u are nobody that’s why everyone always want to know what u are doing,what u are wearing n wherever u going.bro I pray to be like u n hope to meet u someday big bro.

  • kastro Gucci mane says:

    Boss wish to have someone lyk as my Mentor,more life boss more Moni and less Hater’s

  • Hurexy says:

    I Want To Be Like U I Have Been Facing Difficulties I Need An Helper

  • Gideon Kevin says:

    He shuld try to be humble.

  • Chris Eshieshi says:

    amazing grace how sweet your life now. Bro Hush i don’t have much to say,. now i know the real you , i used to mock at you every time i listen or read funny n silly yap of you.
    mehn ignore haters n
    continue to stay cool God is by your side.

  • Eko ernest says:

    The boss hushpuppi…never should you gives up on your hater….always make them cry of your joy and happiness…….a time is coming i will be like you once oluwa gat my blessing……hushpuppi the boss….. I greet you…..It’z Perezzy Nicoky

  • Israel says:

    hush too bad, jah bless bless more more,oni wale amen, Baba anything anything fun Omo yin jooo

  • Chikel says:

    Biography is badly written.
    It says virtually nothing about the man.
    Please do more research in the future.

  • Eric says:

    I wish to be like you bro. Though am not a Nigerian. Your fan from Cameroon

  • Sheg says:

    I pray to be like you big bro,because God has bless you and no man can change it. You name is all over the world.

  • donjojo says:

    some people are just hailing cuz of your money…so they could get part of it…..see as they are dropping account number….wen u don’t hv money u are nobody….bt wen money dey friend dey…mind your lifestyle Mr Ray…….

  • Blessed the (HUSH)the king of Gucci never Give Up your fans is with you.keep it on,ONE LOVE GEE.
    but i really need your help please get back to me.

  • Ray Brown says:

    Abg oga Hush leave them mak them talk na Dem gt their mouth I lyk b lyk u in fact u b numba 1 boss. Abg c ma account number Kwakpovwe Eseoghene 4923005880 ecobank ur boy loya

  • omo iya mary says:

    its just that people who are still praying for success does not knoe how it’s feels foe someone to be successful, if you are poor for ten years and god now answer your prayer for you to be e rich for just one month.
    my brother you go do pass hush puppi
    #BOSS keep froshing
    hatters are normal they add to #success
    your number 2fans
    hush puppi ray a.k.a. aja4.

  • oladapo says:

    Ride on baba u the best, king of gucci am a big fan of u… Dis my acc no 0060357490 access bank , oladapo babs

  • Chidimma Maureen says:

    God has bless you so remember the poor all the best

  • Endless joy says:

    I love u. . nd i pray to becum like u!

  • Sir biggy says:

    Boss know look me troway ur face o.

  • Napoleon M says:

    I Hail everyone,mostly Mr Ray own little contribution goes.wealth is not all about showing things like cars private jets, beffin insulting other celeb on social media,is like making noise on oneself let it be on yourself and your families or if the money is too much don’t be hecitated to he the needie,lesspriviledge or orphans like my coleague said earlier..if is fame you can join the artist people wil knw you more…i also admire ur rich goodluck…all dose our old men and women wey dey drop acct numbers,wat 4? mak una nor go hustle una own oh!!

  • zeding says:

    he has made it so stop judging him pray for your time to come. hushpuppi more money and long life from your number fan zeding

  • Badekale says:

    Baba i hail you just they look fu*k your haters baba this my acct no you can help me 0242901175 badekale taofeek

  • Okorie Bonaventure says:

    The Hush_Money I’m seeing here is different from the Hush on Facebook.
    The one one Facebook isn’t that kind and do use hate speech and His English has no Quality but this one here sounds real and amazing.

    If this is the Real Hushpuppi,I think he is very cool in his words,big thanks to you I have heard of you and what you have done but less haters.


  • shakkur says:

    boss I so so much luv you and I need your help please

  • Kuye seun says:

    Ray hush puppi… i feel you i pray for more blessing fuck haters , I pray for blessing my self because when you are suffering nobody see you then.. enjoy your life.

  • Wezboy says:

    Your Doings Dey Give Them Sleepless Night, So All They Can Do Is Hate

  • erny says:

    hushpupi all the way.. they said you are a philanthropist. need your help

  • olalekan says:

    need money to establish business bro .. nd I will appreciate ur assistance on this regard. .

  • Oseni abdulqudri says:

    Baba hush i hail my acct 0171385361 GT Bank oseni abdulquadri. Baba giver neva lack hospitality.

  • haywizzyDG says:

    Hush i tuale you… some motherfucker if he do ritual….you also go do ritual for poor idoit

  • naz iduma says:

    that z d lifestyle I wish 2 liv….do ur tinz brus

  • Swanky says:

    My Bro Hush u have made money but u are spending it as if u did nt suffer for it, dear dia are so many boys out there seeking for help u can open an NGO and help dem to start sometin, God has blessed u, pls bless other. AM A BIG FAN OF U.

  • Lucky says:

    When God blesses you financially, don’t just raise your STANDARD OF LIVING, also raise your STANDARD OF GIVING.

    All the same, Mr Hush I’m working hard to be like……and reach my peak.

  • Loveyoke says:

    All these things wey una dey talk no go help me oo.
    I need money to start my own business. Make una leave una selves alone and dey like brothers oo.
    Brother Hushpi, abeg my account dey here oo – Fidelity a/c 6172532205. Lol

  • Favour says:

    Work the money spend the money. Live your life. Everyone which to be like you.

  • Ifeanyi adonai says:

    Nwanne get the money spend the money…ebe nobody business Pooh!!!

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  • MaxAnthony says:

    Bless nigga Hush puppy
    I don’t know about you my nigga but I like your move .
    Billion race hush puppi always stay on top.
    This fake ass niggas can only talk but can change the real life of the nigga .
    Bless Hush puppi
    Life is get rich die try.
    Fuck all this fake Ass niggas .
    Bless my nigga HUSHPUPPI

  • MaxAnthony says:


  • Mr rock says:

    Telli person hush hear this one oo no de cast anyhow

  • #SOLOHIT says:

    HUSHPUPPY THE MASTER MAN….. NAIJA BIGGEST BOSS….. I DEY HAIL U….. u people should learn from him

  • Geraldine says:

    bro may God continue to bless you Amen.

  • Bob says:

    Hush, who you EPP?

  • love says:

    Hello big boss,you are the boss

  • IG Iyke says:

    Gudluck nigga,more grase to ur elbo

  • afeez says:

    pls guy the likers
    who knows his source of income

  • Goldstime Godson says:

    Oga Hushpuppi the only boss I respect highly, please boss I need your help am a street boy I want to be like you, make money like you. I want to know how this money test baba I want to work with you please show me the way and I will forever be faithful to you. Please boss I will be sooooo excited to hear from you soon.

  • Franklinstin says:

    Aja puppi aka I saw u on 4syte TV hope u come to Accra I wish to meet u please help 1016568066800 Bayport GH

  • Big bros you know Silence is the most powerful scream.although they don’t believe that everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can’t make a rainbow, without a little rain. And you like them doing what what you don’t like all because you give importance to people they think that you are always free, but they don’t understand that you make yourself available for them every time… people don’t understand.
    we all know what has happened in the past because every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come. and Life goes on… Whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown. or stay behind locked in the past thinking of what could’ve been!!
    please ask them this question Who are you to judge the life I live? I’m not perfect and I don’t have to be! Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. So they need o ly two things and it’s good if they can do it or follow the steps and it’s goes this way
    Don’t trust too much,
    don’t hope too much because that “too much” can hurt you so much.
    So respect is reciprocal,and In life we all have an unspeakable secret ,an irreversible regret , an unreachable dream and an unforgettable love!!! so help me God amen let pray that God will continue blessing him and is family. AMEN

  • Adetola says:

    Hmm..I really envy you bro.. please bless my account as God don bless you.. thanks

  • Joseph Henry says:

    It nobody’s business boss live on with ur life it suits u

  • wessy says:

    people that work hard for their money don’t flaunt theirselves as rich.. how much do the fag have… our facebook CEO is very humble.. he is also a young man..

  • Agbaeze patricks says:

    God gad u bro…..4gt fakers nd do ur thing bro.wish i had a little.buh ma prayerz has reached Gods ear.oluwa bless up

  • Joseph says:

    Let them talk,you remain the best @hushpuppy

  • Pablo peter says:

    Hush u my number 1 celebbrity, you always looking calm n happy, i rep KD!

  • ALHASSAN says:

    Haters been hating . . .
    Hush, you’re real . . .
    Says HASSAN

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