Notorious Thief Who ‘Tricks’ People Inside GT Bank Finally Caught | Photos

A man has been disgraced after he was reportedly caught at a bank after he had used tricks to defraud unsuspecting customers.

A notorious thief who specializes in defrauding unsuspecting people in banks while pretending to ‘change money’ for them has been nabbed in Sapele, Delta State.
Reporting how the incident happened, Sapele Oghenek revealed that the suspected thief operates by confronting people after they make withdrawals and tells them that he wants to ‘change money’.
After changing the money for him, the owner’s money will drastically reduce on getting home.
Things took a new twist for him after he had used the same trick to defraud a man of N30,000 at UBA, he got a shocker after using the same trick to defraud one Mr. Chuks the sum of N23,000.
On discovering discovering that his money had reduced, Chuks stormed GT Bank angrily where he caught the fraudster. The man has reportedly been in the business of defrauding people for a long time and was disgraced in public.
Source: Tori

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  • Iruo Ezekiel says:

    what was the Idiot still doing there after defrauding sumbdy earlier… anyways Everyday for the thief and one day for the owner except DAT this one was stupid.

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