A GoFundMe Account Has Been Created For Beggar Wrongly Accused of Being a Ritualist

A Naval Officer, Kola Onifoto, and some concerned Nigerians have set up a  GoFundMe account for Emmanuel Oyediran, the beggar who was wrongly accused of causing the penis of a good samaritan to disappear.

Emmanuel was born with his intestines outside and was begging at Ikeja Under Bridge, Lagos when he was almost lynched.

The target for the account is£5,000, and here’s what the Naval officer, Kola Onifoto and some concerned Nigerians who set up the account wrote;

“A gofundme account is ready for Emmanuel Oyediran the wrongly accused beggar tagged a ritualist a few weeks ago.

Before the end of the week, a bank account in his name will also be ready for donations as we are having issues getting a valid identity card for him as the banks make it compulsory.

Here is the gofundme link for donations.


No amount is too small to help this young man get help, at least a medical checkup in a hospital, something he has not done in over 15 years..

God bless you as you help with whatever you have…

You can share too..”

The campaign is already trending, as £1,160 has already been raised by 31 people in 13 hours.

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