Igbo market reportedly set on fire in Kaduna (Photo)

A popular Igbo market has reportedly been set on fire in Kaduna allegedly by some Northern Youths. Goods worth millions is said to have been gutted by fire, and Igbos and non indigenes have ran to barracks for safety.


  • daywalker says:

    what kind of news is dis…sum1 dat does nt know ow d north looks like will now cum here an update on d site dat dey burn a market in kaduna…Igbo market dat matter…I dont even think dre is a matket dat its only igbo in Kaduna…dou. dy usually fight in kaduna but nothing has happened it even d igbo dat are scared of moving wen dey know what dre pple has done in dre own town…so please stop creating nonsense..

  • Ishola says:

    This is nothing but a fake and bogus news. Fear God oooo and stop this violent propaganda.

  • Amo says:

    What kind of stupid, misguided, lame, retarded news outfit are you guys? Are u guys even professionals at all? How can you spread a fake news without first confirming if its true or not, what happened to investigative journalism?

  • Armiya'u says:

    Very useless and satanic people! Where do you find Igbo market in Kaduna. I pray for God not to give you peace in your various homes for trying so hard to create chaos in the country.

  • Evenomah says:

    Pls where is Igbo Market in Kaduna for God sake and where is it Located compare to the picture we are seeing.

  • sunday daniel says:

    We want peace not violence be careful wit news u spread or u face d wrath of God

  • Angie says:

    Yeye site, busy spreading lies up and down. Why is igbo market situated in kaduna? Pls do ur investigations well and stop spreading hate and tension

  • Victor says:

    Where is igbo market in Kaduna? You don’t know that the behavior of ipob is making igbo living in Kaduna to be afraid of returning to the east?? Stop spreading fake news.. I pray that you suffer greatly for spreading such malicious lies..

  • Tobi says:

    What a pity,that a media firm is posting this scandalous article ….do u even think the whole Nigerians are fool….your firm is a ducking fake pleasure seeking site. .

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