Football Club Gives Each Of Its Players N1.4billion | Photos

A newly promoted club in China has spoiled its players with 3 million pounds cash for their role in the club’s promotion.
A little-known Chinese club Meixian Techand handed their players an incredible £3million (N1.4billion) after they successfully secured promotion to the second tier – and they celebrated with Floyd Mayweather-style selfies in front of the mountains of cash, according to The Sun UK.
It was gathered that the shock bonus came after the unpopular side secured their place in China League One after a 1-0 win over Shenzhen Ledman yesterday. Ye Weichao scored the only goal of the game in a 3-1 aggregate win.
One player was shown resting on a mountain of cash as another behind him held a pile in his hands. Another star of the club was shown grinning with an obscene amount of money in front of his face.
Meixian Techand’s owners made good on their promise to front up the dosh for their players’ success.

Source: SunUK

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