Nigerian lady publicly disgraced for allegedly stealing biscuit (Photos)


In a continuing trend of jungle justice in Nigeria, a Nigerian lady was caught and publicly disgraced for stealing biscuits in Anambra state.

The report by Facebook user, Arc Pascal Chike Umeobi can be seen below;

 She allegedly jumped the fence and burgled a building just to steal biscuit but luck ran out of her when one of the vigilantes percieved an unknown intruder and tried to stop her to prove she was good at what she does she tried to which prompted the vigilante to shot at her but she dodged the bullet and jumped through other fence and landed in another compound. the owners of the house had to raise an alarm and she was apprehended.

It added that, when she was interrogated, the yet-to-be identified lady said she went there to get something to eat and not to look for/steal money.

Online users have condemned the action of the vigilante to strip her! Photos below;


  • ologyistic says:

    The person that upload dis piz is very stupid. & if we’re to look into such persons background they don’t have female and if they have disgrace shall never elude them from generation to generation.

  • G Mark says:

    Nigerians dont think.You disgrace a person who stole biscuite without finding out the challange so far.Put yourself in her shoes,what life was like,whether people refused to help and what purpose she was trying to fulfill

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