Hours after sharing a depressing post on Facebook, YabaTech graduate commits suicide

A fresh graduate of YabaTech, Oluwamuyiwa Oluwagbemileke Sir-muel has committed suicide hours after sharing a depressing and motivational post on Facebook.

Read his first post below…

“When a man’s life is unstable, worried ,downcast and destabilized,things he does right before will become wrong no matter the best he put in. He lost focus and strength, he become unhappy and angry at everything even if he try to wear a smiling face. Thought of death will come in the scene. He keeps asking the question “why me”. He become helpless and even if he’s among people, he still feels lonely. Life can be truly unfair.
Advise: (Never let your ugly situations weigh you down). When you notice things are not going well, check yourself before it makes you feels worried. Sir_muel cares. Love you.”

He then went further to share his mother’s number telling people to stand by her when he is gone. See below…

See a tribute from one of his friends below….

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  • Monica says:

    Your situation was not worse than that of Job who lost everything within a tinkle of an eye but he did not kill himself. We should learn to trust God at all times. We should dance to the music of the devil. Very unfortunate that you allow the devil to write the last paragraph of your life Those who commits suicide can never dine with Jesus Are you Judas

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