Are Nigerian girls not ashamed being the only blacks prostituting in Italy? – Man writes open letter

An aggrieved Nigerian man who lives abroad has penned down an open letter to Nigerian girls in Italy, who he claims are the only blacks prostituting in the country.

The angry young man 
An angry Italy-based Nigerian young man identified as Akpoka Desmond Akpoka, has taken to his Facebook page to call out Nigerian ladies who are not ashamed of exchanging their bodies for money in Europe.
The young man disclosed in his social media page that it is sad that majority of Nigerian ladies based in Italy are fond of engaging in this kind of business to earn a living, adding that these ladies should try and engage themselves into other decent and pensionable jobs in Italy, not by selling their bodies.
Here’s his post in full below;
Every Nigeria girl in italy has the best opportunity so far in life to transform from worst to best while living in italy.One thing i don’t understand is, if they are not ashamed being the only black prostituting in italy.
Italy is not a country which the only means of surviving is not prostitution,you can work and you can go to school,all of these cost you nothing but only 4 hours of your 24 hours.
Nigeria girls hear this,assuming you are a saloonist,a fashionista,an interior designer, a school dropout or you never engage in any of the above mentioned,you have a better chance of becoming a professional within the period of six months.
Our parents back home have a role to play over this by encouraging them to start doing something is never too later and our parents should try to know what their children are doing in italy,this will help to strengthen the child.
Prostitution is not a pensionable job and is not acceptable by anyone.Is very disheartening and disgusting our Nigerians dont want to do anything but want to be rich and famous,but how possible is that?
A situation at which 200 people live in a place and only 5 of these people are working and the rest are prostituting,what will be the easy name to identify them?Please lets work together to redeem our image here in italy. Nigeria girls in italy on my mind.”

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