Paramedics Break Down Wall Just To Rescue Very Obese Woman

Paramedics have had to break down a wall in order to secure the release of a woman, so obese that she could barely walk.

Isabella Amaral is one of the world’s heaviest women who had to be rescued from her house by paramedics who broke down a wall to get her out.
According to Daily Star UK, Isabella Amaral, who now weighs 77 stone, had to be evacuated from a house specially built for her to house her weight.
At only 30-years-old, Isabella has remained bedridden for six months as her weight continues to spiral.
Hospital management director Adrian Chaplet said: “Isabella is permanently treated and monitored, we have her last controls, there is no emergency situation in her health.”
He added that Isabella’s family claim that she can no longer be treated in her home.
The hospital is now planning to fit Isabella with a gastric band to bring her weight down.
But Isabella, from Rosario, Argentina, must lose 31 stone naturally before she can be operated on.
In the meantime, she has been sent home to try and lose the weight.
Isabella also has a lipoma growing in one of her legs, which has made her weight struggle worse.
Her lawyer has hit out at medical authorities for their latest decision.
Marcos Cella said: “They abandoned her again.”

Source: DailystarUK

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