Peter Okoye shares more details about PSquare’s breakup

Paul Okoye has spoken up about what led to the breakup of PSquare – He mentioned that his brother Paul was also the one who labelled him ‘a dancer’ – The dad of two also used the opportunity to reveal his new manager Once again, Peter Okoye has opened up on what led to the breakup of PSquare.

Speaking in a recent interview, he also revealed that he has a new manager. Peter had earlier said that the only way PSquare may come back together is if the respect they once had for each other comes back together. This time, he said he has moved on from the group and that he cannot continue with PSquare. He added that it was time for a change.

In the Instagram live video, Peter also said other famous music groups like Destiny’s Child, Jackson 5 broke up so fans shouldn’t make a big deal out of the fact that PSquare was no more.

Many have wondered where the rumour that he could not sing came from. Peter revealed it was Paul that was behind it. And when he was asked to withdraw his statement, he refused.

In conclusion, Peter revealed that he has a new manager Emem Ema who herself was a musician. Emem was part of girl group KUSH with Lara George and TY Bello. He then made fun of the fact that Emem was also part of a group that broke up.

source: Instagram

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