Man Survives After Huge Spear Was Thrust At Him In Assassination Attempt

A man has miraculously survived an assassination attempt after a huge spear was thrust through him in the process.

These are photos showing a man who miraculously survived being stabbed with a six-foot spear in a grisly attempted murder.
Shocking pictures show the victim lying on his stomach with the huge weapon protruding from his back.
According to Daily Star UK, the unnamed man said he was sitting in his car when the assailant launched the weapon through the window.
He was then lifted out of his car and rushed to hospital for emergency treatment in east China’s Anhui Province.
Doctors avoided removing the tip as they feared he might bleed to death.
Authorities said the red-tasseled spear – used for centuries by warriors in imperial China – measured six feet and had to be shortened before surgery.
After part of the spear was removed, he arrived in the Zhejiang Province for further treatment and is thought to be in a stable condition.
Cops said they are looking into the alleged assassination attempt but did not confirm if any suspects had been identified.
The victim has also not revealed any further details about the attack.

Source: DailyStarUK

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