Video: Meet Harmony, the s*x robot with a Scottish accent

Harmony is a blend of artificial intelligence, cutting-edge robotics and s*xual companion, just don’t call her a s*x bot.

A robotic s*x doll with a soothing Scottish accent is going through its final stages of testing before release in 2018.

Harmony is leading the next generation of artificial s*xual companions from Californian company Realbotix.

Her creator, Matt McMullen, told The Sun he found her Scottish accent to be “authentic”, but the $15,000 (£11,100) doll can support multiple personalities, all finely tuned through a customer smartphone app.

Watch here

Her advanced AI helps her communicate beyond s*xual conversations and pillow talk. In the video above you can hear Harmony tell Realdoll Facebook Live viewers, “Certainly I am a robot and I am capable of having s*x, but to call me a s*x robot is like calling a computer a calculator.”

For more moments of sass, watch the video above and tell us what you make of Harmony’s Scottish accent.

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