Wednesday Location Discourse: Lagos

Many say a love-hate relationship is like candy; sweet and but highly responsible for bad health when taken in excess. This is the same feeling many share for the city of Lagos. A place that comprises of the ever growing clubs, hotels to the infamous “agberos” who terrorize the pedestrians and drivers alike, to the undefinable-time-wasting traffic that numbs both the body and the mind; and the anomalies go on. Despite all its complaints and blemishes, I put it to you that many will rather be here than anywhere else. Why?

It is safe to say that as the loamy soil is to a seed, so is Lagos to any form of business! It is the most fertile ground for almost every form of business to grow. In fact, If Lagos were to be a country of its own, it will definitely be one of the most formidable countries in Africa; after all it is the 7th fastest growing city in the world! Aside from the fact that it is the smallest state among the 36 that Nigeria has, Lagos is also solely responsible for generating 75% of the national revenue. (How about that!) That is from; manufacturing, to the banking sector, oil and gas and everything else in-between. As a conglomerate of the most diversified people from all parts of the world and country, Lagos has a rich dynamic of almost every type of business in operation. Conveniently saying that these businesses are made to identify and meet needs, wants, desires, fantasies even fetish (ies) and the like. Ideally I can boldly declare that like the internet, any business will thrive and survive in Lagos. It’s amazing! Lagos; the land of opportunities!

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