13-Year-Old Girl Loses Eight-Month Pregnancy After Relations Stomped On Her Stomach (Photo)

Cecilia McDonald battered her 13-year-old cousin to force a miscarriage after the girl’s brother allegedly raped her

A cruel family stomped on a pregnant 13-year-old’s stomach so she miscarried after she was sexually assaulted by the brother. Not satisfied, the family tried burning the stillborn tot.

According to The Sun, the victim, who is now 19, was eight months pregnant when she was battered by aunt Sharon Jones, 47, her daughter Cecilia McDonald, 28, and her son Cedric Jones Jr, 29.

She had been sent to live with McDonald and brother Robert Cayald in Dallas, Texas, with a younger sister where she was raped.

Terrified her three young children would be taken away from her if social services discovered she was pregnant, McDonald tried to force an abortion using birth control pills and cinnamon tablets.

Robert Cayald is said to have raped his sister after she got sent to live with him in Dallas

When her plan failed, McDonald, Cayald and lodger Lonnell McDonald held the teen down and took turns stomping on her stomach, Dallas Morning News reports.

During the brutal attack, Cecila McDonald yelled at the teen: “B***h, you ain’t about to get my kids taken away from me.”

She was left bleeding a bathtub, while the twisted family placed the stillborn baby in a bucket and tried burning the remains on a grill.

When they were unsuccessful, Jones gave her son $25 (£18) to dispose of the body, which has never been found. Prosecutor Rachel Burris told the court: “They held her down. They forced her to lay there while people stomped her.”

Sharon Jones paid her son £18 to dispose of the stillborn baby’s body

Jones was caged for 12 years, Cecila McDonald for seven years and Jones Jr was sentenced to five years in prison after admitting family violence aggravated assault.

Lonnell McDonald was jailed for ten years after being found guilty of aggravated assault over the 2013 attack. Defence attorneys had argued the attack was a small blip on an otherwise clean record, and said the family were part of bible studies and should be given leniency.

Cedric Jones Jr helped hold the teen down as the family attacked her

But Ms Burris said: “Most people would treat strangers better. Yet these people did it to someone they promised to love.”

Cayald has been charged with aggravated sexual assault but was found incompetent to stand trial last year and his case is pending.

Lonnell McDonald helped the family batter the girl

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