5 Mistakes Women Make Taking Care Of The Vagina

The vagina is very delicate as such should be treated as such. Besides, great hygiene is key for the area. The vagina  is one of the few places in the human anatomy that is known to be self cleaning and restore its own PH balance.  There are common things ladies do to the vagina that disrupts its state that is often counter productive. For the most part, the vagina is fine on its own until you disrupt its composition. how? Here’s how;

1. Wearing pant liners everyday!

Pant liners aren’t necessarily a bad idea but wearing it on a daily basis is a really bad idea. This creates an area for bacteria to thrive in. So, if you have to use pant liners, it is advisable to change them at least every 4 hours.

2. Steaming the vagina isn’t good afterall

Hot water steaming is not only uncomfortable and dangerous, they are also extremely harmful in many ways but, it can cause severe burns/scalding to the intimate area.. Though there are lots of arguments about it helping with menstrual pain, cleansing the area inside out.

3. Wiping the wrong way

It is common for a lot of women to wipe wrongly after using the bathroom. Wiping from back to front is the fastest way to get bacteria from the anus to the vagina. Instead, wipe from front to back to keep bacteria from the anus away from the vagina.

4. Wearing panties to bed

When going to sleep and not on your period, ditch the panties or wear something airy to allow your intimate area breathe. Wearing tight undies/panties to sleep is a way to breed bacteria which ends up causing infections.

5. Using perfumes ( douches and creams)

Spraying perfumes directly or even close to the vagina (especially on the panties) is harmful. Keep them away completely! And do not douche or use scented creams on the area as well.

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