6 Glaring Signs Your Husband Is Immature


Age isn’t maturity, so that is why you could see an old man acting like a teenager. What some grown men could do to their wives would make you wonder whether they are actually old enough to marry. However, here are a few things to measure immaturity in some men.

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Rejecting food after an argument: Some husbands will still drop money for food but would still go ahead and shun the wife and the food when he’s served because he has an issue with his wife. So, instead of confronting the issue, you go out, stuff yourself with another woman’s food and let situations grow out of control.

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A constant reminder to your wife that you’re the head: The way some men constantly announce their ‘headship’ of the family, you would think that the title has an effect on the price of garri in the market. The thing is, wives know, so announcing it up and down is unnecessary.

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Dispensing ‘marrying second wife’ threats: Men, who at the slightest provocation threaten their wives with marrying a second wife are babies. You wife’s hair isn’t fine, I’ll marry second wife. Her cooking that moment was horrible, second wife. She says she’s too tired to perform in ‘the other room’, its to marry second wife. Oga stop it.

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4. Reporting your wife to friends and family:  Instead of talking things over with your wife when she offends you, the first thing is to call your mum, family members or friends. Some even run to their neighbours to explain everything in detail. Big sign of immaturity.

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5. Keeping malice: Some men are worst than women when it comes to keeping malice. They could keep to themselves for day just for  a small issue. Even when the women play the bigger person and beg them, they still don’t bulge.

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6.Talking her down: Instead of making her feel like a queen, your job is to talk her down and make her feel less of a human. And when you go outside, you are afraid to face your mate, when they confront.



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