Advice Column: Should I Abort the Baby?


Some men can be truly wicked and I wish I had known this from the beginning maybe I wouldn’t be in this huge mess now. I met this guy around August 2016. He claimed to love me and would follow me about everywhere. If he’s not at work, he’s at my house or I’m at his. We would spend hours just talking on the phone when we are at work. The love was so strong. Later on, he introduced me to his parents, first his mom and then his dad.

His mom didn’t have any issue with me but the dad apparently told him after I left that he doesn’t ever want to see me because I’m not from their tribe. Although, my boyfriend didn’t tell me but I noticed  he usually avoided me seeing his dad and when the dad is home, he makes us go into the house from the back of the house.

I love this guy so I didn’t want his dad’s rejection to get in the way. So recently, he told me point blank that his dad wants him to stop seeing me. I was so sad and cried bitterly. He asked me not to cry that there is hope. He said he has told his dad that I’m the woman he wants to marry – that we could take it a step further by getting me pregnant and his dad would have no choice but to accept me.

I was reluctant at first but since it was the only way I obliged, now I’m pregnant, he has told his dad and the man is still threatening thunder and fire, that he would still not accept me whether pregnant or not.

The pressure has been so much and my boyfriend is caving in, and has asked me to go for an abortion. Please, help me everyone because I’m so confused.


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