Advice Column: I Caught My Sister’s Husband Pants Down With Our Neighbour

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My elder sister recently got a job outside Lagos and only comes home once a month. When she got the job, I remember my sis telling her husband she might have to turn down the job offer because she didn’t want to leave her husband and kids alone. Her husband convinced her to go saying the offer was too mind-blowing to turn down. He assured her that he could cope. That’s what prompted my sis to beg me to come stay at her house.

Although I initially didn’t want to go but I had no choice because she eventually involved our parents and her kids in begging me. Just two weeks after I resumed there, I notice a strange kind of closeness between my brother-In law and one single lady neighbour.

The neighbour has a store on the Island where she sells stuffs(including men’s clothing). I thought at first it was to market some new arrivals to my brother in-law who by the way is a fashion freak. My brother in-law is lawyer and works with one law firm at Ikoyi. Sometimes, he would take her to work in his car and bring her back. That was fine, after all they’re neighbours and work in the same area.

This weekend, I took my sister’s kids to my parents because my bestie is getting married in Ibadan and I have to go. Brother in-law even dropped us off at my parents house. I was doing a last minute check of my items before I proceed to the nearest park to board a bus to Ibadan, when I noticed my gele for the Aso Ebi wasn’t in my bag. I remember my niece had opened the bag while we were still at their house but I shouted at her and she quickly zipped it but I didn’t check to see if the items were intact. That must have been when my gele was removed.

I almost decided to go without it but considering the fact that the whole bride’s crew would be rocking theirs, I didn’t want to be the odd one out. I called an Uber to take me there. When I got to the house, went straight to our flat, opened the door which is also the sitting room door and BANG! what I saw was too horrible.

My sister’s husband was banging this girl from behind by the wall where the TV is. Many things ran through my mind. Should I start shouting to alert other neighbours, should I quickly take a photo, should I just go there and beat the crap out of the slot. But I stayed calm, went to the room where my gele should be, luckily found it on the floor, picked it up and left without saying a word.

I’m confused, what should I do? should I tell my sister? My mom or act like nothing happened. I’m actually typing this on my way to IB. Please advice me.


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