Advice Column: HELP!!! My Girlfriend is Leaving Me For a Richer Guy

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Please keep me anonymous.

I have been dating this girl for 3 years now, I was in final year and she was in 200L in the same school. I graduated and left her in school and that didn’t break the relationship as I would go visit her in school and she would also come around when they are on holidays. Even when I was serving in Enugu, she would come visit.

I was lucky to have got a job with one construction company here in Lagos immediately after youth service and I have since started saving up enough to marry my girlfriend who is now currently serving in Abuja. The problem started last month, whenever I call her she always rushes me off the phone and the tone of her voice is always unpleasant.

On her birthday, which was last week, I called her as early as 12 am on that day to wish her happy birthday, she picked and told me she was sleepy and can’t talk. I called back but she didn’t pick and put her phone off because when I tried again it wasn’t reachable. I called back the next day in the morning and she point blank told me, she was busy. It’s not like we have had any previous issue. I was kind off sad so I gave her a break and called her at night then a guy picked up and told me she was in the bathroom.

I couldn’t believe my ears. The same girl I sacrificed a lot for, my time, money and emotions. Then I calmly told the guy to tell her to call me back when she gets back. She did call back, and to my surprise she told me that her boyfriend had picked my call earlier, that I should quickly drop my message because she’s on her way out.

I’m so devastated. I have been doing my findings and from what I got, the new dude is really loaded, he is a young CEO with businesses in major cities in Nigeria include some African countries.

I love this girl with my life. What do I do?


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