Advice Column: My Husband’s Game With Another Woman Has Landed Him In Marriage

Last August, my husband had to leave Lagos to the East for work. Things were so tough for us we could hardly feed before he left so that was what prompted him to relocate. I took a job at a factory during the day and sold bread after I close from work at the bus top. A few months after he left, he started sending money and even asked me to resign from the stressful factory work.

After a while, he sent some money for us to move from the one apartment we lived in for six years into a 3-bedroom apartment in a better area. Life was looking good and people had even started throwing rumours around that my husband has either gone to do money rituals or joined a syndicate group.

I asked him where the money was coming from but he said it was from the contracts, he luckily got through a childhood friend who is government.

Last Christmas, he came home looking so fresh and young. I could barely recognise my husband. I was getting insecure that he might start looking at younger women in no time, so I upped my game too. Wearing clothes that fit, making good hairstyles and all. However, during his stay, he would lock himself in his room for hours on the phone. I asked him about it and he said he was chatting with his workers. Then his friends, then the man who gave him the contract. The habit continued then he finally opened up that it was a woman. According to him, the woman was the source of our income and it is just a  game between them nothing serious.

I was so torn, I lost my appetite for days, This was the husband I have never missed an opportunity to show him how much I love him in the 10 years that we have been married. He begged me and insisted it was just a game to make ends meet. He returned early in January to the place and kept on sending money saying the game will soon end. I was so uncomfortable with it and told him to stop the whole game that I would rather be hungry than continue this way. My pleas fell on deaf ears as he insisted it was a game for my good and that of our kids.

Last week, someone sent a photo of a wedding between my husband and another woman. It wasn’t just one wedding. They did trad and white. He even had the guts to invite a friend of his from Lagos.

My BP has been on the rise, I can’t sleep or eat. I’m loosing my mind. What do I do?


This reader needs your advice everyone.
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