Advice Column: My Husband’s Side-Chick Is Our Landlady

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When I say Landlady, I don’t mean a widow who owns the house we rented, NO. I mean a legally married woman in her 40’s, whose husband is alive, hail and hearty. Whose husband lives in the same house(we are their only tenant by the way). The only issue is, he travels a lot, like every month. It all started when my husband would quickly jump at the offer to help her with starting her generator, fixing some minor electric faults in her apartment, broken pipes and all.

Our own apartment would have issues needing his attention sometimes but it would take many days, sometimes weeks to finally get him to do it but when its Miss Landlady, she snaps her finger and the mumu jumps as if she holds the key to his reasoning.

So one evening, he had gone to help her start her gen as usual, and didn’t return until almost an hour thirty minutes later, with the excuse that the gen gave some difficulty starting. Another day, they were arguing about some political issues, the next was that she was speaking to some people who could give him some contracts and how God has finally sent his helper. He always had a reason to be with her when her husband is out of town. The relationship had started to disgust me but since I didn’t have any proof as to if something was between them, I let it slide.

Until yesterday, when my God was ready to disgrace them. He had gone upstairs to help her turn on her generator, I quickly followed behind him, thankfully my baby had slept. At the entrance to the stairs, she was standing there, already waiting for him. As soon as he got there, he picked her up, and said ‘so you couldn’t even wait for me upstairs again. then kissed her for so long before shutting the door. Both of them didn’t know I was standing just by the wall.

I didn’t shout even though I felt like but I just went inside took my sleeping baby, strapped her to my back, took my phone and his car key and drove to my friend’s house to sleep or have someone to discuss the hurtful betrayal with because I don’t know what I would have done if I had stayed one minute in my house. I’m still there, I turn off my phone.

What can I do now? because I doubt I can face that man without actually committing murder.


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  • olawale says:

    my dear sister, it’s very disgusting and annoying but for the sake of your innocent kids ,leave the man alone for some time look for some where to stay ,so that you can think of what to do.

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