HELP!!! My Boyfriend of 10 Years Has a Baby By Another Girl

I’m so devastated right now and feel like ending it, how did I waste 10 years of my life?. Let me go straight to my story. I have been seeing this guy since secondary school and we even went to the same University. His parents are cool with me and mine with him.

Last Christmas I went to his house to spend the holiday and his dad brought up the issue of us having an introduction, but my boyfriend seemed very hesitant to agree on a date. Its not like the money is a problem. We are both working and our parents would gladly support.

I was a bit scared by his reaction and his parents were very surprised. They asked him the reason why he doesn’t want us to have a formal introduction but his excuse was that he wasn’t ready.


I wasn’t convinced and went on pressing for the real reason. Although I have noticed that his phone is always off when we are together and always has a reason to quickly go somewhere sharp.

Then he dropped the bomb that another girl already has a child who is a few months old for him and that’s the person he wants to marry. I died! I couldn’t believe it.

His parents are threatening thunder and fire that they wouldn’t be a party to his marriage to the other girl but he says he doesn’t care that his mind is made up.

He begged me and told me, he can’t leave her that he wont marry me. Please what do I do?, I’m so sad.